Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A letter that made me smile

A shortish post today...I took part in a gift exchange on a forum for Christmas slash New Year. Because of the holidays and snow in various countries...I only just got my first gift which was very exciting ( >w< )

A bookmark and some robot's all so cute :D The sender (I don't know if I should post her name on here due to internet privacy etc etc ( ^_^" ) ) also sent me some random anime drawings with really funny annotations! She also wrote a letter which was fun to read as was written on a piece of cute paper complete with cute stickers. Everything about her gift was cute!! I'd like to thank the sender for the letter :3

I don't usually like getting letters since they're usually from the bank (haha) but this letter was different (:

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Voodoo Dollies

Yesterday I went to the arcades to get some pictures and inspiration for a project based on the theme of "fairground" I'm doing at college. This is actually pretty irrelevant to this blog post but that was the reason why I went despite still being in the winter seasons (I always think of sunny days and going to the beach when I visit the arcades) To be honest I should't really say "I" because I did go with my boyfriend and we both really like the arcades...a lot. I'll stop rambling and get to the point of this post...basically me and my boyfriend got way waay waaay waaaay too carried away on the 2p machines XD

I thought they were really cute when I first saw them and wanted the stripy one! We ended up winning two and if you haven't counted already we ended up with 17 voodoo plushies in total. I'm pretty sure we got every single of the voodoo doll was funny seeing the man refill the machines several time haha. I did suggest my boyfriend to take some home with him but let me keep all of them which was pretty sweet of him ( ^.^ ) much as I love plushies the problem of what to do with them has dawned on my a little ( >w<" )

Friday, 21 January 2011

A Prize and a Message

I finished college early today and when I got home I was told by my Mum that I had received a parcel....I LOVE getting parcels ( /^o^)/ woo~!

Yeah I stole this picture from the internet but what I got was the white top. I won it in a contest quite a while back. To the host of the contest: if you're reading this...I'd like to publicly thank you ( ^.^ ) The top is actually a hoodie which you can't tell from the picture. Here's me wearing the top followed by a mini review...just because I feel like writing a bit more today :)

Excuse my weird expression (I only took one quick shot) and the blurriness....I had to blur out the messiness of my room ( =w=" ) Overall I do like this top and think it has decent quality for a first impression. Apart from shirts I don't really wear white tops since I find most of them kind of see-through lol. This was the cast for this top but I fixed the see-through-ness by wearing a black top and black leggings underneath. I think the top is supposed to be figure-hugging judging from the model's picture...on me...not so much (only around my butt haha!) but this is probably due to my lack of torso length and boobs but meh; I like being me :) What slightly annoys me it the can really see them due to the see-through-ness XD So yeah...the photo was a little deceiving but then isn't most fashion photos these days :P My message to the world today is....

Be proud of your bodies girlies...and guys ( ^_^ )

Thursday, 20 January 2011

A Gift

Not much to blog about since last's basically just been a few days that consisted of a weekend working, college, gaming and varies forms of procrastination and time wasting haha! However something slightly more interesting did happen friend gave me my belated birthday present :D

Body Shop stuff!! As of the majority of their smells AMAZING *sniffs* I have eczema and it flares up randomly throughout the just so happens I have it now. I'm a little skeptical about using these products at the moment but when I do get around to it I hope they won't worsen my skin. Everything in this gift is strawberry scented (apart from the bag and scrubby thing of course) and smells uber yummy....let's hope I don't eat it by accident  ( >w<" )

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Jing-Jing's Junk #2: Making use of Rubbish

A short entry today...once again about tidying my room. I stumbled upon some scrap pieces of fabric and a plain looking headband...

I decided to get crafty and here's what I ended up with:

I have to admit...I'm quite proud of the result. I think I should do more artsy things in my spare time instead of the usual gaming and internet :)

Jing-Jing's Junk: Things I find in my room

Tidying my of those resolutions I make EVERY year....this is something that I can't seem to get the hang off. I just can't do it! I have way too much junk in my room so instead of tidying it away...this year I'm going to throw them out! I figured it'd be quite interesting to blog about certain items...some junk are just to awesome to get rid of just like that ( ; w ; )

Soooo....what did I find today in my room I here you ask?? (not that I'm hearing voices or anything heh) I found this ( ^_^ ) :

It's a cheapy red mullet styled wig HAHA! Why do I have this wig?? I think I bought it for a non-uniform day back when I still went to school. The theme for it was something like dress up as a movie character so I decided to do a really bad last minute Reno from Final Fantasy Advent Children hehee~!

Before I get rid of the wig I decided put it on and do a little bit of camerawhoring. Ahh...guilty pleasures ( =w=" )

With the help of a hat, a hair clip and the clever use of myspace angles to cut off the hat you you get a less mullet-looking hairstyle! The wig looks more pink that red in this photo...I blame bad lighting ( . _ ." )

I'm probably not going to bin this seems like a waste. Are you or do you know someone who happens to need a red mullet-like wig?? Let me know coz I'll be happy to send and give this wig to someone...who's willing to pay for the postage :p

It's actually pretty late at the moment...nearly 2am. I'm not exactly tired but think I should try to sleep soon. Night night interrnet ( - w - ) Zzzz

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

2011...the year I will not buy make up

Ironically I'm gonna do a mini's what I bought today :P

Yes I stocked up on mascara since it was on offer!! I actually only bought two of the Maybelline The Falsies Mascaras (the two in the packet...I decided to add the extra one in which I'm currently using to show that I really like this mascara heh) The other item I bought is a No7 Speed Dry Nail Colour in "Violetta". I'd say the colour is more of an indigo than a violet. Was actually trying to find a similar colour to my E.L.F polish in "Mint Cream" I previously blogged about but unfortunately No7 didn't do such a colour. No7 polishes are actually pretty expensive however with a voucher that offered 250 Boots points with any No7 purchase PLUS a £5 off No7 voucher...I thought "what the heck" :)

So yeah now I have enough mascara to get me though 2011...I will not buy anymore make up this year! This leads me onto the topic of new years resolutions. I make them mentally each year but I never seem to do any of them or give up LOL. To type it out it kind of look like a to-do list so maybe doing this would help keep me motivated? Anyway here's my list ( ^_^ )

~ Don't buy unnecessary products (e.g make up!) If I did this I'd save so much money!
~ Don't procrastinate....well do less of it. Being realistic hehee
~ Keep room tidy...get rid of junk. It such a tip I'm not even joking . . .
~ Do college work before fun things...think uni uni uni uni UNIVERSITY >:D
~ Live healthier, get fitter, sleep better...for a better body and better looking skin
~ Use benzyl peroxide..if it's the only thing that keeps my skin clear stick to it ( >o< )
~ Pass driving test (this is more of a goal alol)
~ Don't waste too much time on the internet or gaming...
~ ...instead do "healthy hobbies" like drawing and sewing :D
~ Kind of contradicts the resolution about keeping off the hahaa~!
~ Enjoy 2011

Well I can't think of anymore resolutions to list so that will have to do for now. Hopefully I'll stick to's all about the willpower! Best of luck to everyone with your resolutions ( ' u ' )

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Death to Mint Cream

Meet my E.L.F Nail Polish in "Mint Cream"

*cries* I know...I snapped it's neck is (or should I say was) my favourite nail polish as well ( ; _ ; )

I decided to tidy my room out of boredom (plus it's usually a tip anyway) and found that this little guy's lid wasn't screwed on properly from the last time I used it and a leaked a little. To check if it was OK and that I hadn't lost too much of the polish it was only natural for me to open the bottle. It seemed as if the polish had stuck the lid on to the bottle as it wouldn't unscrew. I decided to used a little bit more force and OOOHH SNAPS...I managed to break the bottle ( TT~TT )

R.I.P Mint Cream, you will be missed . . .

Sunday, 2 January 2011

A Fresh Start

Hey there and welcome to my blog!

I've blogged in the past but due to the lack of updates and the fact (which is probably my opinion haha~!) that it wasn't very good I decided to start afresh.

A new year, a new blog....let's hope this blog survives 2011 and beyond :)