Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Death to Mint Cream

Meet my E.L.F Nail Polish in "Mint Cream"

*cries* I know...I snapped it's neck off...it is (or should I say was) my favourite nail polish as well ( ; _ ; )

I decided to tidy my room out of boredom (plus it's usually a tip anyway) and found that this little guy's lid wasn't screwed on properly from the last time I used it and a leaked a little. To check if it was OK and that I hadn't lost too much of the polish it was only natural for me to open the bottle. It seemed as if the polish had stuck the lid on to the bottle as it wouldn't unscrew. I decided to used a little bit more force and OOOHH SNAPS...I managed to break the bottle ( TT~TT )

R.I.P Mint Cream, you will be missed . . .


  1. Aww XD

    Could you tell me what it was like before it died? Does it get 'streaky' when you paint the first coat on?

  2. The E.L.F polishes IMO are pretty good for the £1.50 you pay for them. I own quite a few and I don't find them streaky at all ^_^

    You'll probably need more than one coat though but that's not a big problem since they dry pretty quick if you apply the coats thinly. My only problem is that they chip within 2-3 days but I think a good top coat would probably fix that :) I tend to not bother with a top coat since I change my nail colour quite often so it's my fault really xD

    LOL sorry for the mini review...I rambled a bit ^^"


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