Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Jing-Jing's Junk: Things I find in my room

Tidying my of those resolutions I make EVERY year....this is something that I can't seem to get the hang off. I just can't do it! I have way too much junk in my room so instead of tidying it away...this year I'm going to throw them out! I figured it'd be quite interesting to blog about certain items...some junk are just to awesome to get rid of just like that ( ; w ; )

Soooo....what did I find today in my room I here you ask?? (not that I'm hearing voices or anything heh) I found this ( ^_^ ) :

It's a cheapy red mullet styled wig HAHA! Why do I have this wig?? I think I bought it for a non-uniform day back when I still went to school. The theme for it was something like dress up as a movie character so I decided to do a really bad last minute Reno from Final Fantasy Advent Children hehee~!

Before I get rid of the wig I decided put it on and do a little bit of camerawhoring. Ahh...guilty pleasures ( =w=" )

With the help of a hat, a hair clip and the clever use of myspace angles to cut off the hat you you get a less mullet-looking hairstyle! The wig looks more pink that red in this photo...I blame bad lighting ( . _ ." )

I'm probably not going to bin this seems like a waste. Are you or do you know someone who happens to need a red mullet-like wig?? Let me know coz I'll be happy to send and give this wig to someone...who's willing to pay for the postage :p

It's actually pretty late at the moment...nearly 2am. I'm not exactly tired but think I should try to sleep soon. Night night interrnet ( - w - ) Zzzz

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