Friday, 21 January 2011

A Prize and a Message

I finished college early today and when I got home I was told by my Mum that I had received a parcel....I LOVE getting parcels ( /^o^)/ woo~!

Yeah I stole this picture from the internet but what I got was the white top. I won it in a contest quite a while back. To the host of the contest: if you're reading this...I'd like to publicly thank you ( ^.^ ) The top is actually a hoodie which you can't tell from the picture. Here's me wearing the top followed by a mini review...just because I feel like writing a bit more today :)

Excuse my weird expression (I only took one quick shot) and the blurriness....I had to blur out the messiness of my room ( =w=" ) Overall I do like this top and think it has decent quality for a first impression. Apart from shirts I don't really wear white tops since I find most of them kind of see-through lol. This was the cast for this top but I fixed the see-through-ness by wearing a black top and black leggings underneath. I think the top is supposed to be figure-hugging judging from the model's picture...on me...not so much (only around my butt haha!) but this is probably due to my lack of torso length and boobs but meh; I like being me :) What slightly annoys me it the can really see them due to the see-through-ness XD So yeah...the photo was a little deceiving but then isn't most fashion photos these days :P My message to the world today is....

Be proud of your bodies girlies...and guys ( ^_^ )

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