Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Voodoo Dollies

Yesterday I went to the arcades to get some pictures and inspiration for a project based on the theme of "fairground" I'm doing at college. This is actually pretty irrelevant to this blog post but that was the reason why I went despite still being in the winter seasons (I always think of sunny days and going to the beach when I visit the arcades) To be honest I should't really say "I" because I did go with my boyfriend and we both really like the arcades...a lot. I'll stop rambling and get to the point of this post...basically me and my boyfriend got way waay waaay waaaay too carried away on the 2p machines XD

I thought they were really cute when I first saw them and wanted the stripy one! We ended up winning two and if you haven't counted already we ended up with 17 voodoo plushies in total. I'm pretty sure we got every single of the voodoo doll possible...it was funny seeing the man refill the machines several time haha. I did suggest my boyfriend to take some home with him but let me keep all of them which was pretty sweet of him ( ^.^ ) However...as much as I love plushies the problem of what to do with them has dawned on my a little ( >w<" )

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