Friday, 25 February 2011

Jing-Jing's Junk #5: Kuuuuuuu~

Anybody ever drink "Qoo" before? It's yummy and the bottles have cute caps :3

Asian packaging is so adorable~! Whilst on the subject of bottle caps here's what I found in my fridge today:

Yep..."shake it up baby". I found this quite funny haha!

I feel kind of lame dedicating a post to bottle caps, but hey, this is what tidying my room plus blogging to cure boredom can lead to ( =w= )

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Jing-Jing's Junk #4: WOOL

OK I didn't find this whilst tidying unlike my previous junk blogs but I've always had a bag of wool sitting in my room. Some of the wool are scraps and some date back to when I was a kid when Mum began teaching me how to knit ageeees ago! Long story short, I basically have a lot of wool in this bag which I didn't know what to do with...until recently *gasp* I recently discovered the world of "amigurumis" so I bought myself a crochet hook and attempted to make some myself ( ^ w ^ )

I'm a noob so they're not that great, but I'm proud of them :D The purple one was my very first amigurumi, he's kind of cock-eyed so I might correct this in the future heh. The pink one is my second, she has one ears slightly longer than the other (which I've tried to conceal with the use of camera angles) since I ran out of wool of that colour in order to crochet a last round on the second ear. Oh lucky days ( =w=" )

My luck did turn though because during a rare trip to the public library (usually go to my college's), I managed to find these awesome books and borrowed them ( >w< )

I didn't think making amigurumis would be a very popular hobby where I live but apparently it is somewhat known. In the top left corner is just a small amount of this collection of wool I have (mainly scraps). I guess I put the wool in the shot to kind of show off my collection HA! Hopefully all this wool I own will be transformed into many amigurumis and I'll be one step closer to this tidy room I've dreamed of XD

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Another Valentine's Day

I celebrated a belated Valentine's Day with my boyfriend the other day. We didn't do anything overly special but that's OK because just seeing him makes me happy *smiles* He did cook me "Monday Roast" (tehee) though which I thought was very funny yet very sweet of him (: Unfortunately there's no pictures but I can honestly say it was yum!

I have to admit, sometimes I feel Valentine's Day has become too commercial nowadays but we still did the cliché act of exchanging gifts. I'm one of those people who never seem to know what I want when someone asks "what kind of present do you want?" but I am really happy with what I was given from my boyfriend ( ^.^ )

The red thing is actually a stress ball (or heart) if anyone's wondering. I remember back in school they were handing these out but I never got one so WOO! I'm pretty picky with jewellery but my boyfriend has definitely passed :3

The necklace is a locket and this was what was inside. It says "I love you" in Chinese. My boyfriend isn't Chinese so it's pretty good right :D ? Seeing this really made me smile ( ^__^ )

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

It's a Date!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day! Although I didn't get to see my boyfriend I got to spend it with my lovely girliefriends ( ^__^ ) We first watched the film "Tangled"...gotta love a bit of Disney hehee. No photos of the film since I didn't exactly want to get kicked out and accused of bootlegging and I didn't think of taking one outside the cinema BUT I did take a picture of the food we ate! The next stop was the local Thai restaurant... it was all very nice~! The service was also good too. And here comes the good part....the restaurant gave us all a Valentine's Day gift too!!

For a's really cute :D

Single or taken, I hope everyone had a good day ( >w< )

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Jing-Jing's Junk #3: Penguins and Stars

Yet another blog about the wonderful things I find in my room. Today I found some badges...picture time *BAM*

You might want to click on the picture to see the text more clearly. I got these at a UCAS convention the college took us to. I swear I had more...they were freebies so there is a slight feeling of guilt from taking so many XD The penguin ones are pretty funny, my personal favourite is the far left one in the middle says "I don't do karate, but I do crazy" HAHA!

I thing I should carry on doing these little junk blogs, they give me a reason to tidy my room and also something mildly amusing to write about. It's like hitting two birds with one stone....oh happy days ( ^_^ )

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Joys and Sorrows of London

Why oh why does London always drain my money whenever I visit the place?! I didn't even shop and that's what I usually go to London for HAHA!! From what was meant to be an educational visit to a gallery on behalf of my work in college I ended up meeting some friends at the last minute as well (not that it's a bad thing!) and before I knew it, by the end of the day the majority of my money had vanished ( ; w ; )

First stop...China Town! Seeing all the lantern gave me a warm festive feeling inside my tummy (: I've seen China Town all decorated for Chinese New Year several times but not once have I been there on the day...I hear from people that it's really lively. Maybe next year ( ^o^ ) *sigh*

My friends wanted to eat Chinese food and being the only Chinese person in our group...I was the one that ended up with the task of finding a restaurant XD It's kind of funny because 99% of the time I visit China Town I seem to go for Japanese food hehee~! Anyway we ended up in "HK Diner" since I have seen numerous adverts of it on Chinese Channel so I assumed they served nice food. Ahhhh....defeated by advertisement ( =w=" )

Bubble tea~! I didn't take many pictures during our meet up since my phone was dying so no food photos I'm afraid despite being in a restaurant ( >w<" ) Apart from me nobody else in our group had drank bubble tea before which I found pretty shocking since bubble tea is so good and fun to drink! I'm glad after the others tried it that they enjoyed drinking it as much as I do ( ^__^ )

After being stuffed with delicious food, the next be honest we didn't move far from China Town lol. We took some purikuras and then headed to the "arcade mall" (I have no idea what the name of the mall is heh . . . ) If you haven't read my previous posts, I go craaaazy when it comes to arcades. My friends I was hanging out with were the type of people that go crazy at arcades too!! With these two factors was basically drilling holes into our purses/wallets :')

After eating out and nerding it up....there's no surprise that I left London poor...but it was so totally worth it ( TTwTT )