Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Jing-Jing's Junk #4: WOOL

OK I didn't find this whilst tidying unlike my previous junk blogs but I've always had a bag of wool sitting in my room. Some of the wool are scraps and some date back to when I was a kid when Mum began teaching me how to knit ageeees ago! Long story short, I basically have a lot of wool in this bag which I didn't know what to do with...until recently *gasp* I recently discovered the world of "amigurumis" so I bought myself a crochet hook and attempted to make some myself ( ^ w ^ )

I'm a noob so they're not that great, but I'm proud of them :D The purple one was my very first amigurumi, he's kind of cock-eyed so I might correct this in the future heh. The pink one is my second, she has one ears slightly longer than the other (which I've tried to conceal with the use of camera angles) since I ran out of wool of that colour in order to crochet a last round on the second ear. Oh lucky days ( =w=" )

My luck did turn though because during a rare trip to the public library (usually go to my college's), I managed to find these awesome books and borrowed them ( >w< )

I didn't think making amigurumis would be a very popular hobby where I live but apparently it is somewhat known. In the top left corner is just a small amount of this collection of wool I have (mainly scraps). I guess I put the wool in the shot to kind of show off my collection HA! Hopefully all this wool I own will be transformed into many amigurumis and I'll be one step closer to this tidy room I've dreamed of XD

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