Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Names: The Origins of shizuRAWR and Jing-Jing

Oh my gosh! Two posts in on day!! I must be really bored XD Nah in actual fact I feel that I really need to blog about this now. Yes NOW! The reason? Time for a picture~!

Well, screenshot more like. To my friend (you'll know who you are), I'm sorry I deleted your comment. Though it's not completely gone :D I blacked your name because I didn't know if you wanted the attention. You're post wasn't nasty or anything! I'll even respond to it now: What do you mean "sudden friend" D: ! (hope you're happy I've somewhat dedicated this post to you :D )

So what's the reason to why I deleted the comment? My friend (I'm friends with him in the real world too) had used my real name in the comment. I'd like to keep the real world separate from the online world for now. Being Chinese my real name (English name) is quite unique, plus having already shown my face on this blog, finding me can be easy as one, two, three. I've had bad experiences when the two "worlds" merged together. I won't go into detail since this is supposed to be a happy blog so for those who know me personally, please don't use my real name on here or the internet...apart from facebook I guess :P And for those who saw my real name: Hi I am Shizu but you can call me Jing-Jing if you want to...unless we ever meet in the real world (:


Whilst on the topic of names I'd like to explain "shizuRAWR" and "Jing-Jing". These names aren't totally made up since I like to keep things real (I'm a hypocrite).  My Chinese name has the symbol " 靜 " in it which is where the two names come from. Why am I revealing this if I want to hide my real identity? It's not likely you'll find me this way since there are lots of people with the symbol 靜 in their names :P

The Japanese pronunciation of  is "shizuka". For quite some time I used Shizuka on various sites. I know this will come up eventually and I'll get bashed for it: "Why a Japanese name when you're Chinese?". This was again for hiding identity. Plus I like the culture.

Shizuka eventually evolved into "shizuRAWR" (like a Pokemon!). They sound similar (shi-zu-ra) but shizuRAWR is more unique. shizuRAWR is also in some ways is closer to my real name (ooo risky!) but I'll only explain this to people face to face heh.

Onto the capitals and lowercases of shizuRAWR. The "RAWR" to be perfectly honest doesn't need to be there so I could just go by the more friendly shortened "Shizu" for short; hence "Shizu's Room". It is in capitals because everyone knows "RAWR" will own "rawr" ROFL. Sometimes I look at my URL and it breaks my heart since it usually says "shizurawr" *sobs*. Also I'd like to point out it's "shizuRAWR" and not "ShizuRAWR" because in my opinion ShizuRAWR looks weird :L

Well that's how shizuRAWR was born, but what about "Jing-Jing". Going back to the symbol, is pronounced as "jing" in Cantonese (my first language). Repetition in a Chinese name is pretty common so the name Jing-Jing was never really born since I'm sometimes called that in reality too. I guess I used Jing-Jing instead of Shizu for my junk blogs since "Jing-Jing's Junk" has alliteration in hehee~!

So is "Jing-Jing" anywhere close to my real English name? Surely if most "Chinese-English names" are spelt phonetically to the Chinese name it must be close since I said that "Jing" is how you pronounce 靜. In some ways, yes and no :]

Well that's my rambling about there are waayyyy to many quotation marks in this post XD

OFOTD: Spotty Tights

OFOTD = "outfit of the day" for those who were wondering. A few days ago I received some spotty tights (aka pantyhose for the rest of the world) which I won from a lucky draw on asiajam *happy face*

Trouble was I've never really been that into patterned tights so I don't really know what to wear with them ( * _ * " ) Anyways today I had to pop out the house very briefly into the village so I decided to wear them. I thought this was a good opportunity to dress up since if I did commit a fashion mishap, not many people would see it haha! So this is what I wore today:

I actually wore a jacket (it's on the end of the stairs) since it was raining. I tried to keep the top half plain-ish because in my opinion it'd clash if both halves were patterned. I'm not really sure if the tights are working. What would you wear with these spotty tights?

Hmmm...patterned tights....yay or nay :\ ?

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Jing-Jing's Junk #9: Envelops and Welcome to Shizu's Room

If you haven't notices already, I've changed the name of my blog from [Original blog title goes here] to [Welcome to Shizu's Room]. The reason for doing this was because I was in fact trying to think of an original blog title to go in the square brackets at the time of starting up this blog. I figured since I blog about my room quite a bit and one's room is quite a personal space that calling this personal blog my "room" would work :)

So let me literally welcome you to my room :D For the people that real my junk entries, I have a feeling that some of you may be thinking "how bad is it really" when I'm claiming that I struggle to keep my room tidy. This is how bad it can get...and sometimes worse. Boom.

I do wonder how I can cope with getting up in the morning to that state; having to walk around all that stuff to get out ( ^_^" ) Looking back at my previous "A Creative Day" post you can actually see my floor in one of the photos. That was only a few days ago!! Anyway the floor can be seen now after tidying it today :)

What did I find today then??

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Jing-Jing's Junk #8: Hair abuse

It's been a slow day today eventhough I lost an hour due to the clocks going forward. Onces again I have managed to mess up my room so to cure boredom I tidied my room (again). It seems like I tidy it once a week but somehow it ends up messy and so then I tidy again and so on. It's a vicious cycle XD. Hopefully by gradually clearing out the junk it'll stay tidy . . .that day WILL come [insert determined face]. Anyways enough rambling, here is the junk of the day: hair bleach!

Despite not being used and having a "NEW" sticker on it it has been sitting in my room for quite some time. If you don't know me, I had a phase where I was addicted to changing my hair colour. This little box reminded me and those good old days of abusing my hair :)

Today I decided to find some of the evidence of my hair dying addiction. A word of warning though, the rest of this post contains camerawhoring. I was a vain little kid back then ( ^_^" )

Thursday, 24 March 2011

A Creative Day

I feel quite proud of my self at the moment. I've been fairly creative over the pass couple of days :)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Jing-Jing's Junk #7: Things for a Gyaru inspired Make up Tutorial

Look what I found today ( ^_^ )

A pair of discounted falsies and some pink blusher...i.e make up products I don't really use. I can't remember when I bought these two items but it was probably at a time I felt the urge of buying something for the pure sake of spending; it's a habit I've managed to control luckily! Anyway so today, I decided to use them to create a gyaru look...hence the Popteen magazines in the background :P

The rest of this post will be picture heavy so for those who want to see the tutorial or carry on read more~!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Arty Menus

A short happy blog which involves the little art geek in me coming out a bit tehee~! Today I went to Nando's for my friend's birthday meal. Being an art student, seeing the design of the menus made me smile :D

I've seen these menus before during my last Nando's visit but back then I didn't have a blog nor did I take pictures of them. I really do love these menus' designs so props to Nando's for still using them! If you haven't noticed already, the front covers of the menus have been inspired by art! From left to right they've been inspired by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Kandinsky and the last one I'm not sure ( ^_^" )

I believe inside the menus they actually say which artist inspired the cover but I didn't read them (my bad heh). Does anybody know who inspired the far right menu cover??

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Jing-Jing's Junk #6: I found it!

I think you guys get the gist of this now but for those who don't, yesterday I tidied my room (yet again). It's not 100% tidy but you can see my floor which is good enough for me for now! Anyways, what did I find this time? Well you know that item you were looking for and could never find? That thing that you were so desperate in finding that you could practically see it everywhere you looked...but not literally? The image of this thing was implanted into my mind at the time when I was so frantically searching for it. Plastered. Well I've now found this thing and the memories of hunt for this item rushed back and flooded my mind. What is this thing?!

Heh click read more...I like creating suspense ( ^___^ )

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Chip Craving

Yesterday I had a craving for chips, but not just any old chips. I wanted mega greasy chips from the fish and chips shop. After finishing college my friend and I went up town to satisfy my chip craving but unfortunately all the fish and chips shop were either closed or about to close *cries* "read more" link please :)
This post contains quite a few pictures and I don't want the majority of the front of my blog to be this entry because I'm a little weird like that ( ^.^" )

Thursday, 10 March 2011

College Life #1: Welcome you know what I like to do? Procrastinate. Ahh yes typical student I am, I'm procrastinating right now as I type this entry *smiles*. I've decided that from now on I will try to doing some posts about my college work. It's kind of like my "junk blogs" but instead of blogging to push myself to tidy my room, these blogs about my college work will push me to do the work in order to blog about it (no duh). Hopefully I'll do these entries regularly and doing this will help me get out of the habit of avoiding work (I usually do stuff at the last minute *shame*). These blogs will only work if I do my college work early enough in the day so I can later take pictures and then find the time to write about them. Fingers crossed I'll stick to this plan ( ^_^" )

If you don't know me very well you might be wondering what I'm doing in college. The answer: I'm on an Art Foundation course and I've specialized in Textiles. I love what I'm doing at the moment and have lots of ideas! Unfortunately I can never be bothered to write them down and do sketchbook work unless I really need too but hopefully this will change hehee~! So what did I do today? I made this :D

I swear it looks better in real life. Maybe I should invest in one of though a high quality cameras. Fail in photography terminology there but as you can tell I'm no photographer and only like to take pictures for fun *facepalm*. We started the 3D part of the project based around the theme of "fairground". This was inspired by the swirly patterns on the carpet of an arcade. It's only an initial idea so it's just made out of paper which I've pinned onto the mannequin. I used a lot of pins so therefore it took a lot of time. My fingers hurt from pushing so many pins but I'm proud ( ; w ; )

Yeah I should really stick the stuff I've printed out in my sketchbook and do some annotations. I'm tired though so I might save it for the lesson tomorrow so I have something to do in it. 1 - 0 to procrastination *sigh*

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Duck duck ducketty DUCK! Yep...that's me letting out my anger. The past few days haven't been the best but I'm not going to go into that. I don't want to remember the sad moments in my life and I doubt the world wants to hear me rant about them on here. Plus, this is a strictly happy blog...I did say I blog about "happy things" and "things that make me smile" after all ;D

Even if you're not in a happy mood there are things in life that make you smile for a moment. These things cheer you up, right? I want to share this funny looking duck me and my boyfriend (or should I say "my boyfriend and I") came across . . .

This photo doesn't do it justice but, seriously, the duck looked so fake and surreal! I've never seen a duck like this one before! At first we didn't know if it was a real duck so names such as "boat-duck" and "robo-duck" were coined (to be honest I think they were the only two names that were coined heh). We debated whether ducks can blink or not. And yes. *sigh* To my boyfriend: Yes I'm wrong...ducks can blink ( =w= )

So yeah, this duck is real. It blinks. It swims. It lives. It put a smile on my face (:

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tutorial: How to conceal a scab (with pictures)

Eeeew....what a gross blog title! This post is different from my regular ones and a little out of my comfort zone...but I want to help people :)

So yeah, I currently have a scab on my face (boo! hiss!) I have eczema and from time to time my face gets itchy too. If you have eczema you'll understand that, sometimes, you just can't stop scratching. I happened to have a spot developing on my itchy cheek and I basically scratched it until it popped. Bad times ( >____< )

This isn't the first time I've had a scab on my face. I've always been a bit conscious about my skin and interested in the beauty community on the world wide web. In the past I've googled things like "how to hide scabs on your face" and the answers were usually you can't and best thing to do is to wait until it heals. I agree with this, you can't hide it BUT you can try to make it less obvious...I finally found a way that works and I'm gonna show you how. Yep, the blog title is a little misleading but I figured most people will probably type something along the lines of that on google :P

Onto the tutorial...with pictures (oh em gee). Yes, unlike most, "solutions?" (I can't think of the word) I found that there were no pictures. Tutorials need pictures in my opinion...I don't think one has been done for covering scabs so I decided to make one. The internet is B I G so sorry for being unoriginal if it has been done already ( ^_^" ) It's taken me some self debating and balls to put my blemished face on the internet but I wanted to include pictures to show that my method does somewhat work and could for you too. I'm saying could because everyone's skin is different so there is a chance it might not ( . _ ." )

Anyways. . . [click "read more" to see the tutorial and *gasp* pictures]