Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Chip Craving

Yesterday I had a craving for chips, but not just any old chips. I wanted mega greasy chips from the fish and chips shop. After finishing college my friend and I went up town to satisfy my chip craving but unfortunately all the fish and chips shop were either closed or about to close *cries*

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This post contains quite a few pictures and I don't want the majority of the front of my blog to be this entry because I'm a little weird like that ( ^.^" )

So where did we go? We went to Wimpy! We couldn't be bothered to walk to where we'd normal eat (which is a pub on the other side of the town centre if anyone was wondering) so we settled with Wimpy since it was within our vision at the time...I don't know about my friend be I was really, REALLY hungry haha! Wimpy is one of "those" chain restaurants. They're popular enough to have a chain but not popular enough to be mainstream like McDonalds and KFC. Wimpy would kind of be like Iceland if it was a supermarket in my opinion. I'm saying this because where I'm from, most people know where Wimpy and Iceland are in the town centre but nobody ever seems to go into them ( ^_^" )

So what did we eat? Burgers! My friends said something along the lines of "being in Wimpy we should really have a burger" whilst I was initially thinking about getting a panini. I ordered a burger with chips (or fries for the majority of the world) in the end since it was cheaper. I was so hungry I forgot to take a photo of it but to be honest I'm pretty sure most people know what I burger looks like. I did take a photo of the napkin though since I found it funny :D

Why thank you ;) So I finished my meal, I was STILL hungry. Most of the time I never have dessert but this time I really some plus there was an offer on (have to admit...I am a cheapskate). My friend and I ordering a "derby" each since it was buy one get one free. I don't know if it was named after the place but it was basically a donut with ice cream on top.

I died a little when my ice cream fell ( ; w ; ) It actually fell once prior to the "before" photo whilst the waitress put it on the table. I scooped it back onto of the donut and took the photo from the unharmed side heh. Towards the end of the dessert I could definitely feel that I was getting full. The food was really nice but then I guess anything is nice when you're starving. I should really get into the habit of getting up that little bit early to grab some food for when I'm in college *guilty and ashamed of self*

I needed to go to the toilet in Wimpy. It's like a maze to get there :O !

I guess I'm lame enough to take photos of them but I've never seen so many directions for a toilet in a restaurant XD To get to the toilet though...you basically turn right and you will go down a few steps and then up a few again (I didn't see the point of those steps). Keep on going forwards and you'll see a sign telling you to go up some stairs. I think there was two flights if I remember correctly. Turn left and then you will finally reach the restroom. My friend said I took a while. If you ever eat at this Wimpy and become desperate for the toilet...I wish you best of luck.

I'm struggling to find blog-able things to blog about at the moment. I haven't really been up to much now I think about it! College deadlines are coming up so I guess I'm feeling a little bit of the stress. I think I'll tidy my room again soon and see what cool things I find and need to get rid of ( ^_^ )

[eidt] I dedicate this edit to my friend :)
I forgot to mention Wimpy's narrow playlist. My friend and I had lost count of the number of times the song "Mickey" had been repeated. I guess it's a happy tune so no harm done hehee~!


  1. Blimey! No longer you took so long. On a different note.. #Oh Mickey, You're so fine, you blow my mind. Hey Micky!#

  2. Ahh I forgot to mention that!! I'll edit it in =w=


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