Thursday, 10 March 2011

College Life #1: Welcome you know what I like to do? Procrastinate. Ahh yes typical student I am, I'm procrastinating right now as I type this entry *smiles*. I've decided that from now on I will try to doing some posts about my college work. It's kind of like my "junk blogs" but instead of blogging to push myself to tidy my room, these blogs about my college work will push me to do the work in order to blog about it (no duh). Hopefully I'll do these entries regularly and doing this will help me get out of the habit of avoiding work (I usually do stuff at the last minute *shame*). These blogs will only work if I do my college work early enough in the day so I can later take pictures and then find the time to write about them. Fingers crossed I'll stick to this plan ( ^_^" )

If you don't know me very well you might be wondering what I'm doing in college. The answer: I'm on an Art Foundation course and I've specialized in Textiles. I love what I'm doing at the moment and have lots of ideas! Unfortunately I can never be bothered to write them down and do sketchbook work unless I really need too but hopefully this will change hehee~! So what did I do today? I made this :D

I swear it looks better in real life. Maybe I should invest in one of though a high quality cameras. Fail in photography terminology there but as you can tell I'm no photographer and only like to take pictures for fun *facepalm*. We started the 3D part of the project based around the theme of "fairground". This was inspired by the swirly patterns on the carpet of an arcade. It's only an initial idea so it's just made out of paper which I've pinned onto the mannequin. I used a lot of pins so therefore it took a lot of time. My fingers hurt from pushing so many pins but I'm proud ( ; w ; )

Yeah I should really stick the stuff I've printed out in my sketchbook and do some annotations. I'm tired though so I might save it for the lesson tomorrow so I have something to do in it. 1 - 0 to procrastination *sigh*

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