Thursday, 24 March 2011

A Creative Day

I feel quite proud of my self at the moment. I've been fairly creative over the pass couple of days :)

So let's start with some college work. I handed in my 3D piece for my surface pattern project which was a lantern. Get the slightly bad bit over and done with; I have no photos of this lantern *sad faces*. I did try to take some but none of the photos did it justice.

Lucky I do have some record of some recent college work! Tomorrow is my print project's deadline. The task was to design a print for a shop and I've really enjoying this project. I did this design today and it's pretty much my final idea ( ^_^ )

This is A4 size and the final piece needs to be at least A3. Click to see the details! The flowers were sakura (cherry blossom) inspired and were done with lino-cuts. The background is heat-transferred and spotty effect was created by sprinkling salt onto the ink when it's still wet. I chose to design for the shop "New Look" by the way. Can you picture this patterned kind of fabric being on some of their clothes?


After a long day of college I still had some of that creativity in me. So I decided to finished off the amigurumi I was working on :D

Meet "Eggy". He is actually a chick *laughs because I'm immature*. I'm actually going to give this to my boyfriend as an Easter present since he got me an Easter egg but I don't really do Easter eggs ( ^.^" ) Eggy was originally just a yellow blob but I decided he was more than that :P

After crocheting I decided to knit since I was already working with wool. I finally finished the scarf I started knitting back in winter 2010 ( ^__^" )

Tada~! Finished!! It's really warm. To bad spring's starting to show up. Well actually it's not really that bad since I do like the warm weather. I guess my scarf will have to wait until the cold weather come round again before I can show it some love ( =w=" )

What a productive day. Woo~! ( >w< )

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