Thursday, 17 March 2011

Jing-Jing's Junk #6: I found it!

I think you guys get the gist of this now but for those who don't, yesterday I tidied my room (yet again). It's not 100% tidy but you can see my floor which is good enough for me for now! Anyways, what did I find this time? Well you know that item you were looking for and could never find? That thing that you were so desperate in finding that you could practically see it everywhere you looked...but not literally? The image of this thing was implanted into my mind at the time when I was so frantically searching for it. Plastered. Well I've now found this thing and the memories of hunt for this item rushed back and flooded my mind. What is this thing?!

Heh click read more...I like creating suspense ( ^___^ )

Woo a pack of pens and some tape; stationery! Yesterday, I FINALLY found my fineliners *happy face* I also found a mini tape dispenser which I got from a Christmas cracker but we'll talk about that later. . . for now, let's talk PENS!!!

Yes yes YES! I purchased these fineliners so I can write in pretty colours back when I was doing Graphics in GSCE. I don't recall using them during my A Level years but towards the end of the summer holidays before the start of college, I wanted to find these pens...and I couldn't find them anywhere. ANYWHERE!! It really frustrated me at the time since I didn't want to buy a new pack; I knew my fineliners were in my room somewhere...I eventually gave up looking for them but after about seven months, I have now reunited with my pens. I can't wait to write in pretty colours in my sketchbooks haha! So where did I find these pens? I found them hidden in a handbag that was given to me but never used ( =w= )

I missed my colourful fineliners, I really did. I had to test them out. The mini tape dispenser's form reminded me of a snail which inspired me to draw this picture:

I used every single colour that was in the pack *smiles* Would you call this a masterpiece? I'm not sure if I should be proud of this. As an Art and Design student...I promise that I can draw slightly better :P

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