Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Jing-Jing's Junk #7: Things for a Gyaru inspired Make up Tutorial

Look what I found today ( ^_^ )

A pair of discounted falsies and some pink blusher...i.e make up products I don't really use. I can't remember when I bought these two items but it was probably at a time I felt the urge of buying something for the pure sake of spending; it's a habit I've managed to control luckily! Anyway so today, I decided to use them to create a gyaru look...hence the Popteen magazines in the background :P

The rest of this post will be picture heavy so for those who want to see the tutorial or carry on read more~!

I don't have a product list yet nor can I be bothered to do one right now so I might edit one in later or in the future ( ^^" )

Onto the tutorial!!
[ Warning . . . compared to already existing tutorials...mine's probably not as good or detailed. Also this gyaru tutorial fails a little towards the end...despite all this I hope you enjoy reading ( >w<" ) ]

1.Start with a clean preped face. This is my failed attempt in sporting the "blowfish" pose haha. Man my face looks red...onto the next step!

2. Achieve flawless skin. All gyaru girls have nice the magazines anyway. If you have good skin already you can skip this step. I won't go into too much detail but I basically used foundation mixed with B.B cream and stippling it onto my face with a stippling brush. Then I blended a little in areas that needed to be blended and then I applied loose powder with a brush to set and mattify things. That was quite detailed wasn't it ( . _ ." ) ? By the way I curled my lashes before putting on foundation since I don't like getting my eyelash curlers dirty hehe.

3. Eyebrows. Excuse the star but my expression was a little freaky heh. I don't usually do this since I don't normally wear foundation and powder but they kind of washed out my eyebrows so I decided to redefine them. Again this step is opinion :)

4. Swipe a neutral shade of eyeshadow. Not very noticeable but that's ok since the eyelashes are the main focus of the gyaru look. If anyone's wondering I used brown.

5. Winged eyeliner. I decided to use gel eyeliner since it gives a clean finish. I've noticed that winging the eyeliner is quite popular in the gyaru magazines. Eyeliner is just as important as the eyelashes as it provides a sort of background to stick the falsies on. The line will help hide the strip which the fake eyelashes are on.

6. Here's what the make up looks like when the eye is open. A little thing I did was line about a third of my bottom lashline from the outter corner with a dark brown eyeshadow and in the inner two-thirds I lined it with a shimmery caramel colour. Where the two colours met I blended them together.

7. Stick on falsies. This is where my tutorial starts to go wrong since to be fair, these lashes aren't very gyaru-style-looking are they XD But I tried to work with them. Don't forget to trim them to fit your eyes and to wait 20-30 seconds for the glue to become tacky!! Stick the falsies as close to your own lashes as you can but not on them!

8. Mascara top and bottom lashes. I went a little crazy with my mascara on the top lashes to try to "clump" them in the way the lashes the gyarus have them. It didn't really work :\

9. Behold the power of make up! I really don't look like myself here. Anyway the final steps; smile to apply the pink blusher and some pale lip colour (I only had red lip gloss :'D ) and you're done! Oh yeah I contoured my nose a tiny bit too because I've never done it before. In the photo it looks alright but in real life I don't really like the look of it....looks kind of dirty in my opinion ( ^_^" )


I guess the look didn't turn out very gyaru-looking. I really need the light hair colour and maybe some circle lenses but this will have to do~! I blame the falsies mainly since they didn't work. They're a bit too over the top and too long. I think I looked a little like a drag queen (lmao) so I decided to take them off:

Alternative look #1: Looking more like myself. I prefer just having my own eyelashes :] They're a little clumpy though from the mascara abuse. So what did I do with the falsies?? After camerawhoring with them I decided to camwhore with them just one more time . . .

Alternative look #2: How do I look HA?! I binned the falsies in the end so woooo! That's one bit of junk cleared out of my room :D


  1. You look adorable with Gyaru style make up!

  2. I was reading this, reading, reading, scrolled down to the last photo and laughed so much =D

  3. @ Georgie: Haha thanks :D

    @ Aly: Glad I made you laugh! The last look is my personal favourite XD


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