Sunday, 27 March 2011

Jing-Jing's Junk #8: Hair abuse

It's been a slow day today eventhough I lost an hour due to the clocks going forward. Onces again I have managed to mess up my room so to cure boredom I tidied my room (again). It seems like I tidy it once a week but somehow it ends up messy and so then I tidy again and so on. It's a vicious cycle XD. Hopefully by gradually clearing out the junk it'll stay tidy . . .that day WILL come [insert determined face]. Anyways enough rambling, here is the junk of the day: hair bleach!

Despite not being used and having a "NEW" sticker on it it has been sitting in my room for quite some time. If you don't know me, I had a phase where I was addicted to changing my hair colour. This little box reminded me and those good old days of abusing my hair :)

Today I decided to find some of the evidence of my hair dying addiction. A word of warning though, the rest of this post contains camerawhoring. I was a vain little kid back then ( ^_^" )

Number one:

Copper hair. Being an Asian, I naturally have black hair. This hair colour was achievement without bleach. Pretty good result huh? I think the lighting helped it look a little lighter too heh. However it did involve dying my hair nearly once every 1-2 weeks and leaving in the dyes in waaaayyy pass the recommended developing time! Surprizely my hair wasn't that damaging...until I bleached it D:

Number two:

Ginger hair. My hair was officially fried. I was ginger for only a few days since my goal was blonde. I quite liked having the bright orange colour eventhough I usually got annoyed when my hair colour fading to ginger. Despite all this I don't think I rocked the ginger look in public heh ( =w= )

Number three:

Blonde!! This was my ulimate hair colour at the time; a dirty tea-like coloured blonde. I don't think I was blonde for long. I decided I wanted to go darker and eventually back to black :P

Number four:

Cool-toned brown. I think I was trying to get an ashy brown.

Number five:

Red hair. The brown faded and I remember having blonde ends. I had previously tried to achieve the red-tint-on-black hair but it wasn't red enough for me. So while I was still light I gave it another shot :D It was very bright but hard to maintain and faded very quick :(

Well that's some of the hair colours I used to be. I'm pretty sure I've been more colours but most of them were different brown tones. I did have a few failed dye-jobs like trying to get purple-black (which ended up more like red) and blue-black (which ended up...well black). I'm tempted to use that box of bleach but to get back to natural-looking, black, healthy hair took quite some time so it's a no for now.

I might bleach my fringe in the future or maybe create some peek-a-boo sections of hair. Maybe :]

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