Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Jing-Jing's Junk #9: Envelops and Welcome to Shizu's Room

If you haven't notices already, I've changed the name of my blog from [Original blog title goes here] to [Welcome to Shizu's Room]. The reason for doing this was because I was in fact trying to think of an original blog title to go in the square brackets at the time of starting up this blog. I figured since I blog about my room quite a bit and one's room is quite a personal space that calling this personal blog my "room" would work :)

So let me literally welcome you to my room :D For the people that real my junk entries, I have a feeling that some of you may be thinking "how bad is it really" when I'm claiming that I struggle to keep my room tidy. This is how bad it can get...and sometimes worse. Boom.

I do wonder how I can cope with getting up in the morning to that state; having to walk around all that stuff to get out ( ^_^" ) Looking back at my previous "A Creative Day" post you can actually see my floor in one of the photos. That was only a few days ago!! Anyway the floor can be seen now after tidying it today :)

What did I find today then??

Today I got really lucky!!

Red envelops WITH money in them! JACKPOT!! For those who may not know, red envelops are handed out at Chinese New Year and money is usually put inside them. I can't believe I lost these and didn't open them until today. I actually collect red envelops and due to this finding, I've decided it'd be kind of fun to write about it :D


Here is the box I keep my envelops in. It's actually a mooncake box. I like it since it's red and matches the red envelops. Plus it's cute ( ^.^ )

Open sesame~! Man if only all those red envelops still had money in them ( =w= )

Some cute red envelops. Us Asians have a thing for cute things ( ^ ___ ^ )

Not all envelops are red...I should really call them "lucky envelops" instead :P

Not exactly envelops but these were in my box (at least the middle tag's CNY-related!). I believe I got them from eating "Minimelts" ice-cream. Man I miss them. The vending machines were so cool because they kind of hoovered the ice-cream tube and then dropped them like an arcade's grabber machine! I remember going to Hong Kong one year and I could not find a Minimelts vending machine anywhere ( ; _ ; )

So yeah...I collect red envelops ( >w< )

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