Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Names: The Origins of shizuRAWR and Jing-Jing

Oh my gosh! Two posts in on day!! I must be really bored XD Nah in actual fact I feel that I really need to blog about this now. Yes NOW! The reason? Time for a picture~!

Well, screenshot more like. To my friend (you'll know who you are), I'm sorry I deleted your comment. Though it's not completely gone :D I blacked your name because I didn't know if you wanted the attention. You're post wasn't nasty or anything! I'll even respond to it now: What do you mean "sudden friend" D: ! (hope you're happy I've somewhat dedicated this post to you :D )

So what's the reason to why I deleted the comment? My friend (I'm friends with him in the real world too) had used my real name in the comment. I'd like to keep the real world separate from the online world for now. Being Chinese my real name (English name) is quite unique, plus having already shown my face on this blog, finding me can be easy as one, two, three. I've had bad experiences when the two "worlds" merged together. I won't go into detail since this is supposed to be a happy blog so for those who know me personally, please don't use my real name on here or the internet...apart from facebook I guess :P And for those who saw my real name: Hi I am Shizu but you can call me Jing-Jing if you want to...unless we ever meet in the real world (:


Whilst on the topic of names I'd like to explain "shizuRAWR" and "Jing-Jing". These names aren't totally made up since I like to keep things real (I'm a hypocrite).  My Chinese name has the symbol " 靜 " in it which is where the two names come from. Why am I revealing this if I want to hide my real identity? It's not likely you'll find me this way since there are lots of people with the symbol 靜 in their names :P

The Japanese pronunciation of  is "shizuka". For quite some time I used Shizuka on various sites. I know this will come up eventually and I'll get bashed for it: "Why a Japanese name when you're Chinese?". This was again for hiding identity. Plus I like the culture.

Shizuka eventually evolved into "shizuRAWR" (like a Pokemon!). They sound similar (shi-zu-ra) but shizuRAWR is more unique. shizuRAWR is also in some ways is closer to my real name (ooo risky!) but I'll only explain this to people face to face heh.

Onto the capitals and lowercases of shizuRAWR. The "RAWR" to be perfectly honest doesn't need to be there so I could just go by the more friendly shortened "Shizu" for short; hence "Shizu's Room". It is in capitals because everyone knows "RAWR" will own "rawr" ROFL. Sometimes I look at my URL and it breaks my heart since it usually says "shizurawr" *sobs*. Also I'd like to point out it's "shizuRAWR" and not "ShizuRAWR" because in my opinion ShizuRAWR looks weird :L

Well that's how shizuRAWR was born, but what about "Jing-Jing". Going back to the symbol, is pronounced as "jing" in Cantonese (my first language). Repetition in a Chinese name is pretty common so the name Jing-Jing was never really born since I'm sometimes called that in reality too. I guess I used Jing-Jing instead of Shizu for my junk blogs since "Jing-Jing's Junk" has alliteration in hehee~!

So is "Jing-Jing" anywhere close to my real English name? Surely if most "Chinese-English names" are spelt phonetically to the Chinese name it must be close since I said that "Jing" is how you pronounce 靜. In some ways, yes and no :]

Well that's my rambling about there are waayyyy to many quotation marks in this post XD


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