Wednesday, 30 March 2011

OFOTD: Spotty Tights

OFOTD = "outfit of the day" for those who were wondering. A few days ago I received some spotty tights (aka pantyhose for the rest of the world) which I won from a lucky draw on asiajam *happy face*

Trouble was I've never really been that into patterned tights so I don't really know what to wear with them ( * _ * " ) Anyways today I had to pop out the house very briefly into the village so I decided to wear them. I thought this was a good opportunity to dress up since if I did commit a fashion mishap, not many people would see it haha! So this is what I wore today:

I actually wore a jacket (it's on the end of the stairs) since it was raining. I tried to keep the top half plain-ish because in my opinion it'd clash if both halves were patterned. I'm not really sure if the tights are working. What would you wear with these spotty tights?

Hmmm...patterned tights....yay or nay :\ ?


  1. Ahh your Tshirt is so cute >_<

  2. Thanks ^_^
    It was a men's tshirt but I altered's actually a bit too tight since it's my first altered tshirt >.<


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