Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Duck duck ducketty DUCK! Yep...that's me letting out my anger. The past few days haven't been the best but I'm not going to go into that. I don't want to remember the sad moments in my life and I doubt the world wants to hear me rant about them on here. Plus, this is a strictly happy blog...I did say I blog about "happy things" and "things that make me smile" after all ;D

Even if you're not in a happy mood there are things in life that make you smile for a moment. These things cheer you up, right? I want to share this funny looking duck me and my boyfriend (or should I say "my boyfriend and I") came across . . .

This photo doesn't do it justice but, seriously, the duck looked so fake and surreal! I've never seen a duck like this one before! At first we didn't know if it was a real duck so names such as "boat-duck" and "robo-duck" were coined (to be honest I think they were the only two names that were coined heh). We debated whether ducks can blink or not. And yes. *sigh* To my boyfriend: Yes I'm wrong...ducks can blink ( =w= )

So yeah, this duck is real. It blinks. It swims. It lives. It put a smile on my face (:


  1. How cute! It looks like it's made of porcelain =3 I love the tiny things in life that so easily put a smile on your face!

  2. Haha I thought he looked like he was made out of wood but he is very cute isn't he :D


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