Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tutorial: How to conceal a scab (with pictures)

Eeeew....what a gross blog title! This post is different from my regular ones and a little out of my comfort zone...but I want to help people :)

So yeah, I currently have a scab on my face (boo! hiss!) I have eczema and from time to time my face gets itchy too. If you have eczema you'll understand that, sometimes, you just can't stop scratching. I happened to have a spot developing on my itchy cheek and I basically scratched it until it popped. Bad times ( >____< )

This isn't the first time I've had a scab on my face. I've always been a bit conscious about my skin and interested in the beauty community on the world wide web. In the past I've googled things like "how to hide scabs on your face" and the answers were usually you can't and best thing to do is to wait until it heals. I agree with this, you can't hide it BUT you can try to make it less obvious...I finally found a way that works and I'm gonna show you how. Yep, the blog title is a little misleading but I figured most people will probably type something along the lines of that on google :P

Onto the tutorial...with pictures (oh em gee). Yes, unlike most, "solutions?" (I can't think of the word) I found that there were no pictures. Tutorials need pictures in my opinion...I don't think one has been done for covering scabs so I decided to make one. The internet is B I G so sorry for being unoriginal if it has been done already ( ^_^" ) It's taken me some self debating and balls to put my blemished face on the internet but I wanted to include pictures to show that my method does somewhat work and could for you too. I'm saying could because everyone's skin is different so there is a chance it might not ( . _ ." )

Anyways. . . [click "read more" to see the tutorial and *gasp* pictures]

Things I used:

~ Maybelline The Falsies Mascara (Waterproof)
~Ecotools Powder Brush
~Elf Blending Eye Brush
~Missha M Perfect BB Cream (I used this as my concealer)
~Mister Mascara Eyelash Curler
~Maybelline Mineral Foundation Powder

Yeah there are things I used for my eyelashes since I was getting ready for college (mascara is a staple in my morning routine). Plus I do talk a little about mascara later so I decided to include it. Use whatever you think works for you. This is what I happened to have. I don't normally were foundation or conceal my marks since I'm too lazy and love to sleep but I felt this scab really needed to be covered, or should I say, made less obvious :P

Instructions. Be prepared for the gross skin pictures coming up ( >.<" )

1. Identify your scab. Wash face, tone, moisturize etc. Do whatever to get your face in a condition that's ready for make up to be put onto it. Apply foundation if you want to, I didn't because I don't like having too much on my face and I simply couldn't be bothered. You can prime you face as well...it's all about preference at this point. One important thing though is to make sure your scab is as moisturized and non-flakey as possible.

2. With any small fluffy brush dab on enough concealer to cover the scab. Try to use a concealer that's the same colour of your skin and that doesn't dry out your face or scab. SHEEZAM...it's gone! Problem is you now have an obvious blob of concealer on your face hahaa. Next thing to do: stipple. I reccomend stippling because with blending the concealer out I find that the brush can sometimes catches on the dead skin and makes it look more flakey. By stippling you're dabbing onto the skin and there's less chance of the skin getting dragged and caught. Stipple until the concealer is blended into the skin and looks natural. You might want to repeat this step to build up the concentration of concealer on the scab. Work in thin layer to avoid cakey looking make up because you'll only draw more attention to the scab.

3. Woo the scab is less obvious! All you need to do is powder to set your concealer. I used a mineral foundation powder as my face has quite a bit of redness so I wanted to even my skin tone a little more. Again, try to use a powder that doesn't dry your face. Drying powder = flakey skin = attention = more noticeable scab = no no :\

4. Finito! You might be able to still see the scab but it definitely less obvious. If you feel like you need a little bit more coverage go ahead and stipple a little powder loose or mineral powder that matched your skintone as long as it doesn't make your skin flakey! Remember to make sure it's blended into your skin :3

Well that's really it. I hope it works and that it's helped some people. If it doesn't, I hope you find a solution soon and that you've possibly learnt something from reading this post. I suggest taking off your make up as soon as possible when you don't need it so your skin can breathe and therefore allowing the scab to heal quicker. Scabs WILL disappear so don't let it bring you down too much :)


I mentioned I'll take about mascara so I'll start talking about mascara. I've praised about this product in a previous post...Maybelline The Falsies Mascara...me likey (:

After a long search...I've found it...my ultimate mascara~! A mascara that is of a reasonably price and holds curls ( TTwTT ) I actually have typical straight Asian lashes and curled my lashes in the "before" photo. Credits to this video and youtuber:
I love the girl's personality!!

Mascara'd and concealed ready for college!

Don't worry guys I wasn't late lolol. I don't put too much effort into make up and concealing doesn't take too much time in my opinion. Plus today was a free day for me so I technically didn't have to go in anyways XD You can still see a little unevenness but hey, nobody is perfect ( =w= )


  1. Omg, you have no idea how glad I am to have found this!

    I have 2 horrible scabs on my chest(mosquito bites Y U NO STOP ITCHING SO MUCH?) and the dress I really want to wear for my date tonight has a v-neck. I had been planning to wear it for our 5th month anniversary for a long time so I really don't want to change outfits, mosquito bites or not!

    I'll follow your tutorial and hope for the best! Thank you so much! :D

  2. Haha no problem ^^ Good luck and I hope your date goes well for tonight :)

  3. thanks so much!!

  4. would this work on a coldsore? :/

    1. I've never tried this on a coldsore so I couldn't tell you sorry ><"

  5. this is so helpful.

  6. Thank you! I am definitely using this today.

  7. Oh my god that's so amazing thank you so much! I have my first day of school tomorrow!!!!! o helpful

  8. Oh thank you, my cat just scratched my face! .__. School tomorrow if it doesn't snow but I don't put on makeup it'll be a new experience x3 thank you! <3


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