Sunday, 10 April 2011

OFOTD: Let's Party!

Another outfit of the day as promised ( ^_^ )

I should really call this "outfit of a few nights ago". I haven't been at home for the past couple of days and by the time I got home from my friend's party it was about 1:30am hence the censored tired face heh. Sorry for the slight delay guys ( ^.^" )

The reason why I wanted to to an OFOTD with this dress is because it only cost me £3 from a charity shop! I know it may seem unglamourous to some but you'll be surprised what you can find in these stores! With pieces of clothing at really low prices and the fact that you'd be doing a good cause, you can't go wrong (I sound like I'm advertising hehee). The only downside I can see in charity clothes shopping is that garments may have that "charity store smell" that's sometimes on them but I'm sure most people wash their clothes :P

Don't underestimate the charity shops :D

(Oh yeah, by the way, this blog will be going on hiatus. I'm going on holiday tomorrow and I'm not sure when I come back xD I think I'm gone for around two weeks so it's not too long. Blog to you soon....? :] )

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  1. Soo cute! I LOVE buying things from charity stores. There's one by my house and I find the best clothes there for cheap!


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