Monday, 16 May 2011


Ba-ding ba-ding BA-DING! That's my attempt in typing out the sound of coins. Like the one in Mario~! So why am I taking about coins? Well, yesterday my boyfriend and I paid the arcades a visit :D

Meet "Death Panda". Isn't she creepy-cute ( ^.^ ) Yep we won her . . . along with some other voodoo friends...

Including Death Panda we won seven voodoo plushies altogether! Well, there were three more but my boyfriend wanted to keep those (plus I had two of the same ones already :L ). If you read my "Voodoo Dollies" post this winning isn't that impressive :P


We weren't as addicted to winning voodoo dolls as last time so we called it quits and decided to win something else with the rest of our pot of 2p:

Any Top Gear fans? My boyfriend is now the Stig xD

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