Wednesday, 4 May 2011

College Life #2: Projects

Second post of today! One of the reasons I created this blog was to motivate me to do my college work so I can get the work done then blog and feel happy about it. I figured I should really write about this now since I can see myself writing a few more posts that are related to my holiday which will push this back. It's already been nearly a month since I've finished these projects so it doesn't need anymore delaying xD So let's talk about college~!

Print Project:

I actually wrote about this in [THIS] blog entry xD I don't really want to totally repeat myself so click THAT link for the full description. For those who like a simple explanation, these prints are sakura inspired. I ended up making two version of this print since I couldn't heat press an A2 print so I ended up doing two A3. The grey one was my intentional final design and the pink one was my alternate version...since making two near identical prints would be boring :P

Surface Partten Project:

I talked about this piece briefly in [THIS] post which is the same as THAT previous link (I'm acting like such a spammer...sorry but I'm in a fun mood at the moment xD ). The task was to design various print based on the theme of "water" for a 3D form that can be built by slotting pieces together. Kind of like a 3D model puzzle set. I chose to use a lantern as my form. There are six sides/screens altogether. Three of them are monoprints onto tracing paper and the other three are kind of linoprints (done with polystyrene sheets) onto tissue paper. Each screen has a different colour. The frame of the lantern is also water inspired too. I said previously that I couldn't take a picture of this piece that could do it justice...I still don't think this photo does it justice. I swear it looks 100 times better in reality ( ^^" )

Ideas and Concepts Project:

You might want to [read this] to see my initial design (this is that last link, I'll stop). The theme for this project was "fairground". The bottom half of this dress was inspired by the swirls and curls you see on signs you might find in a fairground. We needed to include some sort of recycling element in this project so I used an old tank top and the offcuts of fabric I had left after cutting the swirls for the skirt half of the dress.

For this fairground based ideas and concept project we had to do a 2D piece as well as a 3D piece. The 2D piece was basically fashion illustrations and we had to product a "final" one. Here's mine:

I screwed up her right wrist when outlining xD I'm not actually that proud of this drawing since I don't like it very much. We were told to draw super tall and skinny models and I really don't like that ( >_< ) This illustration isn't very fashion illustration-ish either but this is my style so nerh :P

I can actually expand more about my projects but I didn't want to bore you guys. College is a big part of my life and this being a personal blog maybe it would interest some of you (: Final major projects have started and we got to pick our own themes. I decided to do "lolita fashion" so look forward to that in a few weeks ;D

I have a feeling this whole "College Life" series isn't going to have so many posts as I hoped...I finish college in less than two months :L


  1. Interesting. I love the patterns you used on both on the first and second picture. And the dress looks cute :)

  2. ThankQ~! I designed them ^^
    I'm note sure if the dress is wearable though. It's really hard to remove from the mannequin since I had sewn the fabric offcuts in a way which stopped the vest top from being so stretchy x'D But hey you learn from mistakes right :D


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