Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today is my Brother's birthday so I made him a cake ( ^__^ )

I have to admit, it doesn't look this good in real life. Not saying it doesn't look good at all but a little editing was done since the lighting in the kitchen is horrific and made the cake look really bad and washed out in photos ( >_< ). We're going to cut the cake when our parents come back from work (:


Because our parents are working today and it was their day off yesterday we decided to eat out to and celebrate my Brother's birthday early. We went to Pizza Express. I don't have any photos of the pizzas we ate but they have cool cups :D

Cup of coffee. The thing in the background is chocolate ice cream. "Gelato" I think it's called...mmmmm....

"Hey, how you doin'?" (lololol) The sugar stick holder is pretty cool too :P

Happy Birthday Brother :]

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