Wednesday, 11 May 2011

HK Haul: The Fashionable (Part One)

Yes...this is part one of my haul of my wearable things. I'm saying wearable since this post (i.e part one) is mainly clothing. Part two will include shoes and accessories. I just don't like having posts that are too picture heavy and I also can't be bothered to edit in my watermark and resize anymore images...I'm lazy and I have reached my limit for today :P

"Cheer You Up" tshirt by Giordano. The shorts are also from Hong Kong. I saw a lot of people wearing this smilie face in Hong Kong. These tshirts were buy one get one free so I got another one that's white with the print in red. I gave that one to my boyfriend so now we kind of have couple tshirts lolol :D

More tshirts. These are from a store called Cotton On. I think these were buy one get one free as well since I normally I wouldn't by more than one tshirt of the same cut. Ohh I do love offers hehee~! I know it's not clear but the left tshirt has a feathers on it and the one on the right has a bunny which reminded my of Fifi Lapin.

ZOOM! If you wanna compare I suggest you go to (I don't wanna steal pictures  ( ^.^" ) )

Woo...I'm such a tourist! This is from Lady's Street ;D I actually have an ♥ HK tshirt already but I altered it wrong and it's now too small (fail). I plan to alter this one too...but so it actually fits me (:

Jacket with studs and zips. I like studs and zips. Enough said ( =w= )

Chiffon dress! I bought a couple more of these since I'm really into chiffon as it's light, airy and summery. For though who are from AJ you might recognize this ;] I wore this to the wedding in the end if anyone's wondering. Thanks for the advice~!

Here's another one~! Pretty similar but more pink. I actually bought this before the previous dress but managed to somehow ruin the elastic on the one of the sleeves ahhh ( =A= ) This dress was cheaper though so I guess the material is too. I still need to mend this dress at some point ( ^^" )

Black chiffon. It's got little polka dots on it. Not much more to say about it heh.

And...that's all of the photos a managed to edit for this blog today. If I ever do anymore OFOTD posts look out for these items haha. This is only part one and looking at it makes me realize how I had bought in Hong Kong ( >.<" )

Part two of this haul coming soon ( ^___^ )

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  1. Such awesome stuff! Love the feather tee, jacket and the first chiffon dress so much <3


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