Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Holiday Photo Spam

This is veryyy delayed! Just some random pictures out of the hundreds I took. Eventhough the majority of my holiday was in Hong Kong, most of these photos are of things I saw in Singapore since I've never been there before~! This post is VERY picture heavy. If you click read more and your computer crashed...I did warn you :3

Let's start out in Hong Kong . . .

Cats in the village. Meow ( =^・ω・^= ) .

Baby sunflower ( ^.^ )

Some soy milk drink. I unscrewed the bottle to find this! It seemed like it was stuck with super glue as well! After all the effort of getting into this drink it did taste really good ( = w = )

A temple in Yuen Long.

TURTLES!! Hehee I like turtles :)

For all the j-rock fans, it's a Miyavi turtle ;D And no, that symbol is not the the Nazi swastika so please don't be offended ( >.< )

Ahh...the contrast of traditional and modern buildings in Hong Kong :P

Miffy board ( ^___^ )

SNOOPY!! I love Snoopy by the way :P

Random Hello Kitty ad at Tai Po.

EEEEEEE~!!!!11!111!!!1! I wanted to hug it!

"WAZZUUUP?!" hehee. This was taken in Kat O.

WANT!! I can't actually remember if this was taken in Hong Kong or Singapore :'L

Going to Singapore. I like watching the clouds when I'm on a plane (:

ETUDE HOUSE~! I didn't get to go in it...and I didn't find one in Hong Kong :c

Close you eyes kids! This sex shops in Singapore seem to be far less discreet than the one in the town I live in xD

Candy trees! Such a cute display! If only they were real *sigh*

Cable karts. I can't really expand on this picture ( =_=" )

One of the highlights of our trip to Singapore ( >w< )

Wheeee~! My favourite ride(s).

Human . . .

. . . and Cylon!

Woody the Woodpecker! This was actually a really nice family photo but I had to crop it because my family don't want to be on my blog or the internet ( ; w ; )

Woody's girlfriend? I can't remember her name ( ^__^" )

PO!! Man I've just noticed that I've peace signed in every photo lololol.


We did a bit of "merlion spotting" since the merlion is the mascot of Singapore. Let's start!

One! Colourful merlion . . . just outside of Universal Studios. This one was my favourite :D

Two! The BIGGEST merlion we saw! You can go inside this merlion and look at the views.

Three~! Baby merlion. It's about an average person's height (aww).

And now time for the most famous merlion of them all *drumrolls*

FOUR! Awww man! It was under maintenance during our visit x'D At least we can see it's tail I guess ( ^^" )

Well that's it! I don't think I'll be posting a holiday blog in a long time. Sorry if my captions were lame...I'm not feeling very imaginative today xD

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