Sunday, 8 May 2011

Hong Kong: The Gashapon

A few minutes ago I didn't know the word for "gashapon" and was struggling to think of a title. I was going to settle with "The Twisty Machine" (which is what I would call a gashapon machine normally) but with the help of Google that title was scrapped xD I'll quit rambling and get to my story: My Gashapon Story :D

Twisty machine / gashapon heaven ( ^____^ )

I decided to go for the McDull one. I really wanted Fai~! (He's the cute green one in the middle)

Instead I got Principal. He was the one I least wanted to get ( =A= ) I'm sure whoever has used a gashapon machine before sometimes has one toy that they REALLY want. I really wanted Fai so I tried again. At this point my brother was telling me things like I probably won't get Fai and that it would be really funny I got Principal a second time . . .

I swear my brother jinxed me ( = _______________ = " )

I was hoping for third time lucky but I ran out of change ( = m = " )


  1. I love those machines! But man are they frustrating! I always use the Pokémon ones...I ended up with 4 or 5 Dialgas =/ eventually got a Pikachu but it was on the set of keys I lost recently so now I need to try to get one again D=

    But wow I wish they had that many anywhere in the UK...though I'd spend a fortune!

  2. Ahhh..situations like that makes me wonder if that's very lucky or unlucky. If you can get 5 Dialgas' surely you could get 5 Pikachus x'D

    I've seen these twisty machines in Sainsburys and Wilkinsons. They're sometimes in service stations too...but yeah there are never rows and rows of machines. In Hong Kong they have "shops" (more like rooms) in malls dedicated to them :o !


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