Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Hong Kong: The Happy

I'm gonna take a break from hauling and share something that makes me smile :) Everytime we go to Hong Kong memories flood back from previous visits and we look forward to seeing certain people, places and things again. One of the things I really look forward to seeing it this sofa xD

The flip flop's there to show how small it is. Cute~! Everytime we go to Hong Kong we stay at Por Por's (i.e Grandma's)'s lame but I always make sure I sit in this sofa at least once :L It used to be the perfect sized sofa when I was younger...too bad I grew ( ^__^" )

LOL...I'm quite short but this sofa makes me feel like a giant xD


I tried to find some evidence of me sitting on this sofa when I was a kid . . .

I think I was about 12 years old and going though the fugly phrase a lot of people go through when they turn from a cute kid into a teenager xD I was still too big :\

The sofa at it's perfect size! Too bad I wasn't sitting on it in this photo. Yep that's me. I look like a boy right xD ? This was actually taken at my Uncle's house so I guess they bought the sofa for my cousin (who's now in his early 20s :L ) and when he got too big they put it in Por Por's house since they don't need it anyone. That's what I THINK anyway :D

Now you guys know what I'll be doing next time I visit HK (:

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  1. So cute! You grew up (and got pretty!) but the chair stays the same XD


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