Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hong Kong: The Thirsty

Ahhh I totally forgot to post photos of drinks in my previous post!! More yummylicious photos coming right up ( >w< )

Mmm...bottled Asian drinks. The it's crazy how much I drink in Hong Kong! I guess I get super thirsty ( ^_^" )

Taken at a very Hong Kong place known as a "dai pai dong" :P My favourite drink, lemon honey water...ICE COLD BABY :D

The Hong Kong version of English tea. I like the cup heh. Instead of milk I think they use condensed milk. It has a strange taste to it which I like *slurps*

Some drink at Pizza Hut. I think it's chocolate milk shake. Why doesn't England do awesome "special" drinks like this in their fast food chains!! It's not just Pizza Hut, McDonalds were doing slushies during my stay! I think they change every so often since I remember HK McDonalds selling smoothies once :o !

A can of Qoo~! Unfortunately Hong Kong doesn't seem to sell Qoo anymore. This was taken in Singapore :3

A camwhore shoot warning...but last and finally...when in Hong Kong everyone needs to drink *drum roll*

VITASOY! Omnomnom >:L I can never find the chocolate one in England *sad face* So I drink loads of it in HK ( ^ ¬ ^ ) I'm thirsty xD


  1. Yo! They sell Chocolate Vitasoy in Wing Yip Hong. It's a shame I can't drink soy -_-"

  2. Aiyah D:
    I hardly ever go to Wing Yip Hong ; __ ;

  3. They could sell the chocolate Vitasoy at your local China town perhaps? I buy mine from the one in Manchester, they sell a few flavours of Vitasoy ^^

  4. Ahh I live nowhere near a China Town and where I get my Asiany food from doesn't ever sell Chocolate Vitasoy *sad face*. I guess at least they stock the original flavoured Vitasoy =w=

    Thanks for the follow by the way :D


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