Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hong Kong: The Yummy

You can probably tell this post is going to be about food ( ^___^ )

Japanese food (display)! The real stuff is just as yummy as it looks but I don't think my photos are good enough to show this. I'm a fan of Japanese food ( * ¬ * )

CAKES. Hong Kong bakeries are the best ( >  < )   ( ^  ^ )   ( >  < )

Mango mochis. I find this very unique AND yummy!

Mango pudding. I love mangos and mango flavoured things :D

More cakes! They're pretty fake-looking but I'm pretty sure they're real since I saw someone eating them! Despite being a post about food in Hong Kong these are actually from Singapore ( ^_^ )

More yummy desserts~! This again is from Singapore. It's lemon flavoured jelly with lemon...shaved ice? I can't think of an English term for this but in Cantonese we call it "pow bing" (excuse my bad pronunciation attempt).


It kind of seems like I didn't eat any proper Chinese food. Ooh man you are so wrong if you think this xD I ate A LOT of Chinese food but for some reason I didn't take any pictures of these dishes. I did actually take a picture of some Chinese noodles! Unfortunately the file's corrupted (boo hiss!). I tried to fix it but no luck ( ; w ; ) The thumbnail does show up though so I guess I'll share this with you guy anyway:

Click to enlarge and see the thumbnail of the potentially awesome noodle picture :'D

I cropped and enlarged the thumbnail anyway for the sake of this post. Mmmm blurry goodness! Just kidding, it's actually "yu dan tong hor"...basically rice noodles with fishballs and fishcakes. Such a simple dish but I love it ( ^.^ )

Writing this actually made me very hungry *oink oink* c:

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