Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Jing-Jing's Junk #10: I Kissed a Rainbow

Hmmm I haven't done a "Jing-Jing's Junk" post in ageeees! Anyways, I found this eyeshadow palette which I got from Claire's years ago:

Man I remember I always used to love going into Claire's. I guess I grew up and my style matured. Recently I've been watching arty make up tutorials on youtube and some of them are AMAZING! So I thought I'd try give it a shot instead of just throwing it out :D

I bet you're asking "where's the make up?" and "why just the lips?". Well, my skin has been flaring up from eczema so I figured it'd probably been a bad idea to slap on a load of unnecessary make up; so I restricted my "art" on my lips. Maybe when my skin is calmer I'll be about to do a full blown arty look (':

Artsy make up seems fun to do, plus a good way to use up the make up I own which I don't use or no long like kekee~ ( =w= )

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