Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Meet Meijia

Today I sewed. I rediscovered my love for sewing during my final major project :) My scrap fabric collection has grown due to the project and I wanted to make something. So I decided to make something for my doll :D

This is Meijia. She is a ball joint doll (aka BJD). No I didn't make this outfit. This was her only outfit...until today *happy smile*. If anyone's wondering, she's a mini 1/4 sized Asleep Eidolon Meijia. Yeah I suck at coming up with names so I kept her original name (how original :P). I've actually had Meijia for a very long time but most of it she's been stuck in her box. I guess I didn't really "bond" with her since I didn't really like her face up she came with and I sucked (and still suck) at doing face ups. I started neglecting the BJD hobby and even considered selling my doll D: ! But now I've been reminded why I decided to fork out all that money in the first place: I wanted to make clothes ( ^__^ )

Till this day, I only know how to sew skirts decently from scratch. I've make a blouse and a hakama for a friend but they weren't that good in my I've forgotten how to make them x'D. I love clothes too much to stop buying them so if I did sew something for myself, I most probably wouldn't wear it. I need to get my sewing kicks somehow and a BJD is perfect since they have anatomically correct bodies. Anyways, enough blabbering...this is what I made today (well, yesterday since it's now pass midnight) for my doll:

It's a top / VERY short dress! I was making a dress but I didn't have enough scraps of this fabric ( ^^" ) Meijia now has one and a half outfits! I think I'll attempt to make some shorts or trousers one day for a second complete outfit :P

Hopefully I'll start getting back into BJDs again. Meijia needs more clothes HA!


  1. wow super cute. wish i had your skills >:P

  2. That's so cute! Good job ^^

  3. Thanks for the kind comments ^__^


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