Wednesday, 29 June 2011

More Sewing

I've been on a sewing high today haha~! Too bad I had to stop since I started to feel the strain in my eyes ( @__@ ) Anyways I made a couple more items of clothing for my BJD :D

"OhHaiGuyz. It's me again". Following from last night's post, I've completed Meijia's outfit with a pair of shorts! Now she can wear her strawberry printed top without looking like a pantie-less hooker xD I have to admit they're not 100% done yet. I don't have the right type of elastic to make a waistband so I used a hair tie to hold the shorts up for the photo lol.

Outfit number deux. In reality this kinda looks like a potato sack. The navy fabric is a bit too thick but hey, I am working with scraps :P

I wonder what I'll sew next ( ^.^ )


  1. Wow.. I can't even sew life sized clothes x.x

  2. Nobody's born good at sewing so practice~! I'm still learning :)
    I actually find sewing doll clothes harder since I find working on a smaller scale difficult xD

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