Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My First Pair of Circle Lenses!

I've always wanted to try a pair and that day has finally come~!

I got my parcel yesterday. I love the fact that it says "URGENT" heehee.

After opening the parcel this was what was inside. As you can see I ordered from Honeycolor. The lenses are in the box. I got a free fishy contact lens case as well. I find their faces really funny ( ° o °  ) . . . lololol.

Fish kiss. Yes I am very lame ( =w= )

The other bit of the case. I always wondered how you would be able to tell which one's the left lens from the right if you use these cases. Was going to just use one of my regular boring cases but nevermind :P

Ahh a cliché circle lenses in the bottles shot hehee. I opted for a pair of the Princess Mimi Sesame Gray lenses. The left lens arrived inside-out :P

BOOM! A comparison! Natural eyes versus Mimi eyes. Excuse my clumpy mascara. I was wearing my normal contacts during the day before I tried my grey lenses. My lashes usually mess up when I take out my lenses ( ~ _ ~ )

Just a note: I don't recommend putting in lenses after make up! I'm a hypocrite but I was too eager to try them that day ha! Remember to soak your lenses for a good 8+ hours ;D


I figured I'd do some mini reviews since there's probably people similar to me out there who like to read a few reviews first before they decide to buy things (:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

♪ Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Lenses Review

~ Enlargement: 5/5

~ Colour: 5/5

~ Naturalness: 3/5

~ Comfort: 4.5/5

For a first pair of circle lenses, I really like them! The main reason I picked the Mimi's was because they looked natural in the pictures I saw and I've read good things about them. The colour is not too dark so it's unnoticeable yet not too light so I look like zombie; it's a really nice shade of grey and blends nicely with my natural eye colour in normal lighting. I've marked down the naturalness since I don't find the dolly-eyed look natural enough for me. In my opinion these Mimi lenses make my eyes look too big and I'm not a fan of that. My normal clear lenses are 14mm and the Mimi's are 15mm. Despite being labeled as "extra large" on the site, I thought a difference of 1mm would be unnoticeable. Man I was wrong haha! I guess next time I'll opted for lenses around 14mm. In my opinion the lenses are very comfy but like any other lenses will hurt a little after a certain amount of hours.

Overall I'll give the Mimi's 4/5 :) The only let down for me is that they're too big which might actually be a plus for some. I'd totally recommend these for those who like the big dolly-eyed look ( ^_^ )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

♪ Honeycolor Review 

I chose to buy my lenses off Honeycolor since they offered the lowest prices on the Mimi lenses. The site is really cute and easy to navigate. Paying was easy and can be done through paypal. I give Honeycolor bonus points for this since paypal is easy!! Shipping was SUPER FAST. My order was shipped on the 31st May and I got it yesterday (that's 5 working days) despite them estimating I'll get my lenses on 16th June. Though this might just be the post actually being speedy for once heh. Everything was sent in a bubble envelop which I find acceptable since the lenses were packaged in a protective box and the lens case is durable enough to not break when being posted. I guess if you was quite picky the only downside is that the things aren't bubble wrapped but I don't see this as a problem. Though I would've liked some bubble wrap to pop heheee ( =3= )

So to summarize, would I buy from Honeycolor again? Why not :D


I'll end this post with some photos of me wearing my lenses. Camwhoring in other words xD

Omnomnom finger.


In darker lighting, the colour is still kind of noticeable, yay!

I have bunny teeth D: Buuuut I found my angle to get a V-shaped face~! To bad my face isn't this skinny from other angles x'D


Ahh I lied! I'm actually gonna end this post with a question. Can anyone recommend any other lenses that are similar to the Princess Mimi's but smaller? I actually wanted to try the Mimi Apple Green lenses too but I don't think I will since I dislike the size. ( ^_^" )


  1. Oh my, these look great on you! I can totally understand not liking them being so big though! My Dueba 3D greys look so much bigger than my Princess Mimi Apple Greens for example. My coworker said I looked like a "demon" (seriously used that word!) LOL! Although I find these to look stunning on you <33

    I think this series is just very unique, so it's hard to find a suitable comparison lens! Although I think you'd look good with any of these lenses:

    GEO Angel
    GEO Nudy (I really want these too!) I don't much care for the Super Nudy series though, it's not nearly as pretty imo ^^
    GEO Twin series

    That's all I can think of, I'm still learning about circle lenses myself. But those seem at least somewhat close to the Sesame Greys... kinda sorta lol! I heard of a new series that's coming out that looks almost exactly like the Bambi series though :O Slightly different and I think they're not as big and super pretty... hopefully I can find the pictures again!!

  2. LOLOLOL "demon" !

    Aww thanks! You were actually one of the people that made me chose the Princess Mimi design coz you look so damn cute with the Apple Greens :D

    Mmmm I totally agree, Tsubasa did a really good job designing this series <3 I love how the lens kinda feathers towards the middle and the subtle beige ring really gives your eyes an extra oomph! I'm liking how the Twin series have a similar ring >w< I've looked at the Angel series before but I don't like how the colour just kinda stops in the middle and not feather. I'm quite picky hahaa xD

    Aaahhh you've now made me curious of this new Bambi-like series!

  3. I love them O_O

    I wish I could try circle lenses...but I don't think I could wear them. I'm too pansy to try regular contacts even haha.


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