Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Today I was told I got a parcel by my parent's whilst I hitched a lift home with them. They said it was from Denmark and gave me the disappointed "you've been internet shopping again?" question. Truth is I haven't in ages...well not until a couple of days ago...but this Denmark parcel was in fact my very belated Xmas exchange gift from Mariko ( >w< )

Hehee the box is a little Christmasy :D Mariko is such a sweet girl. She told me she'd send me a gift no matter what and here it is! This is one of those times when getting a gift I can say "it's just like Christmas all over again" xD

Here's what I got :D Boho head-braids, some candy and a pair of smart looking earrings!! I love it all since I don't own and pair of studs for smart occasions, the candy will be gone very soon and the headbands were something I ask for during the exchange ( ^ - ^ )

PEACE! I tried to be hippy haha. I don't actually think I'd wear my headbands like this since it makes my head look a funny shape in reality ( =w=" ) But I'll make it work somehow!

Thank you very much Mariko~!

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