Thursday, 30 June 2011

Town Haul

Gosh three blogs in three days, Im on a roll HA! Today I meet up with some friends up town :3 Most of them went swimming but I unfortunately couldn't go since my eczema worsened due to the brief heatwave and the indecisive British weather ( ; _ ; ) Luckily another one of my friends wasn't swimming either so we decided to shop around :)

Let's get the boring item over and done with. The first thing I bought was a bandeau bra from New Look. Something less boring about this item, I got student discount on it. Hooray.

Next we went to Primark (coz we're cheapskates trololol). I LOVE LOVE LOVE Snoopy so I HAD to this top :D ! It was on sale and only £2!! Can you believe this top is actually supposed to be a pyjama top? Some pyjamas seem to look more and more like everyday clothes nowadays :P

Some pj short shorts. I needed some comfy shorts to wear on days I stay in the house and to sleep in since the weather's getting hot (touch wood). These were on sale as well and £2 for a pack of two ( ^___^ )

The last item I purchased was from Boots which was this "Save the Nail 45 Second Top Coat" nail polish. I got this with points on my Boots card since I was pretty much broke and had only 50p to spare after Primark xD Though I did only bring a tenner with me! Back to the item; isn't the packaging adorable~?! I was originally looking for the "Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti Chip Top Coat" to try after reading so much good stuff about it. I was literally freaking out to see them sold out since the rack was full last time I checked! Then I calmed down when I found this. Hope it's good :)

For only spending £10 which also fed me and get me to and from town, I think today was pretty successful shopping-wise :P *proud of herself*

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