Monday, 11 July 2011

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Review (and Comparison)

I'd like to dedicate this review to katie (check out her blog :D) since she asked me ages ago to tell her what the liner's like once I get to try it. I've been wanting to do this review for quite some time and it's finally here ( ^_^ )


So...Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner...judging by the name you can probably tell it's a liquid liner. Under the uber cute pen design is a brush applicator which has a very fine tip:

This is probably the easiest type of eyeliner I've ever used. No need to be ultra careful like the liquid liners that come in a brush and a bottle (I hate those), with this type it's basically like drawing with a felt tip. So technique-wise, it's as easy as a pencil liner.

Random lines and a failed smilie face. As you can see this Dolly Wink eyeliner can create lines and flicks of different thicknesses. Now onto the comparison bit. . .

These are all the eyeliners I owns at the moment. From left to right: Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner, L'oreal Super Liner in Carbon Gloss (I hate this by the way), Relvon ColorStay Eyeliner and MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack (my current HG liner). If you haven't noticed, I like very black eyeliners and if you read beauty blogs you'll also notice that I tend to buy eyeliners that have been raved about hehee.


Time for some tough testing BWAHAHAHAAAH! 

♪ Test #1: The Smudge Test

I pressed and rubbed REALLY hard by the way. As you can see, L'oreal has epically failed. The Dolly Wink has stayed put just as well as the MAC gel liner, if not better :o !

♪ Test #2: The Wet Test

Eyeliner reapplied in the same order onto my hand and was run through cold water. I don't think any of these claim to be waterproof (please correct me if I'm wrong) but all the liners pass :D

♪ Test #3: The Wet and Wipe Test

This test follows from the previous by simply wiping the water of my hand gently. I didn't bother wiping harder coz I know even MAC can't handle it! Dolly Wink passes again along with Relvon and MAC. Though I have to admit that some of the pigmentation was lost. L'oreal has once again epically failed. As much as I love the sponge tip applicator, do you guys see why I hate this Super Liner of L'oreal ( =.=" ) ?

Ok enough of the hate on the Super Liner, the final test which will test the Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner...alone...*drum rolls*

♪ Test #4: Durability

BEFORE: Dolly Wink liner on my right eye and nothing else. I usually prime my eyes first for extra security but today I decided not too; for the sake of this post and just to test to see if primers really do work. I applied my eyeliner about *thinks* 11am? Creating the winged eyeliner look was pretty easy due to the pen design of the liner. Unlike the MAC gel liner, there's no need for brushes (BONUS!)

AFTER: My left eye at about 10pm, so 11 hours afterwards. Yeah my lashes looks pretty bad since they were tampered with whilst removing my contact lenses ( =w=" ) Also, the reason for taking this "after" picture with my left eye was because liner of my right eye flaked so bad I had to do a touch up during the day so if I took a picture of it, the before and after comparison wouldn't be fair. As you can see, a bit of flaking has happened in the wing part of the liner and the black is less opaque compared to how it was in the morning. I have never experienced flaky with this liner until today so I really do believe a primer helps.


So in conclusion, the Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner...

 is an eyeliner with high smudge resistant
 doesn't budge too much when been in contact with water
 is ideal for beginners who want to try out liquid liners
 can be seen as unhygienic. Avoid sharing it in case of eye infections
 unfortunately will flake for I do recommend using a primer if you have oily eyelids

Has the Dolly Wink beaten my holy grail MAC liner? Close, very close in fact but not close enough. The main let down was the flaking if a primer's not used; because sometimes, I do forget to prime my eyes. I'd probably use the Dolly Wink on days I'm in a rush so I'd probably buy it again unless I found a better pen eyeliner :P

Hope this review was somewhat helpful :3


  1. Awww thank you SO SO much for doing this review!! :DD I'm even more excited now to get mine in the mail, I'm definitely in desperate need of a new eyeliner >.< Oh man the l'oreal was just awful LOL I had a l'oreal liquid liner before that I loved, but it definitely had no staying power... It was just super easy to apply so I loved it, despite the massive flaking heehee

    OMG I can't stand the Revlon color stay pen!!! Maybe mine was a bad one, since I heard that a lot, otherwise people loved it like crazy... I totally regretted not returning mine, it sucks haha. I would totally want to try the Mac fluid line, but I'm quite awful at applying gel liner, and it refuses to come off unless I scrub my poor defenseless eyes Q_Q

    The Dolly Wink liner looks even darker than the Mac too! Super excited for that, since I too love me some super black eyeliner >:) Also what sold me was how I hear how easy it is to apply wing! I'm also pretty bad at that haha!

    Thanks again for the great, thorough review! You really are good at reviewing, I hope you really will do more in the future! I can totally learn from you too yayy <333

  2. Hehee you finally gave in and ordered it :P ? I do think the price is worth it though if it's nearly as good as MAC!

    YAY it's not just me who hates L'oreal's liner! I read soooo many good things about it and it was such a disappointment D: I thought it was just the "Carbon Gloss" one so I went back to test the others to see if they smudged and they sucked as well! If only L'oreal sorted the formula's such a waste of a good applicator :')

    And thanks for the nice comment! I actually find writing reviews quite fun and it helps people so I'll try to keep it up and review what I can ^^

  3. Nice review ; ) ! It was funny to read : D I'm waiting for more !!!!


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