Monday, 4 July 2011


Today I got a hair cut. Unless I go to the hairdressers' Hong Kong, I usually cut it myself. I tend to shy away from salons in the UK since I usually can't afford them and it's hard to find someone who can cut Asian hair good since the structure of our hair is slightly different (or so I've been told). I have found one hairdresser that does cut my hair good (woo!) but when I tried to book her I was told she was on holiday x'D I still booked an appointment anyway since I'd probably procrastinate cutting my hair if I had to do it myself lol.

♪ Before 


Yeah the comparison photos aren't very good but to be honest there isn't a BIG difference when looking at my hair on the whole since I requested to keep the length. I guess my hair frames my face better now. Oh! And also my fringe now sweeps the opposite way...I don't know why but for some reason I feel it looks better this way :D What do you think?


The main reason I went for a haircut was to thin my hair since I find it takes too long to dry. Here's some more before and after photos...

♪ Before

Long layers . . .


Shorter and thinner in the front

Less hair FTW ( ^___^ )

This other hairdresser did a pretty good job :) Some of my layers are a little "box-like" which I don't like but they'll grow out of that shape eventually. I love the lighter feel after thinning it.

Now to get used to sweeping my hair the other way :P 

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