Tuesday, 26 July 2011

My Gaming To-do List

Let's ramble about games today! I feel my blog has been pretty beauty related recently so I'm gonna take a break from that. This post is also going to act as a warning in case of a possible hiatus if I get too carried away with gaming :P


I've always been into games from a young age and since it's the summer holidays, why not go game crazy?! Here are some games I plan to complete . . .

Wii games. I actually bought all three of these for my Brother as either birthday/Xmas gifts. My intentions were to wait until he finishes then it'd be my turn! Too bad education got in the way. I started Super Mario Galaxy ages ago (can't remember how far I got) and recently a shared Zelda game file when my boyfriend came round.

Xbox games. All of these (plus the actual Xbox 360) are borrowed from my boyfriend :) I've started Fable and Assassin's Creed but I didn't get very far in both of them...I blame education again LOL

PS2 games...well game. FFXII. Yep it's in the PS2 since I've lost the case xD Like the Wii games, this was also bought for my Brother ages ago and I never started; until this year. I'm very close to completing this game (can do the final battle if I wanted to) but I'm doing sidequests and hunts first. This game is probably the cause of why I have so many games to complete; I'm always on FFXII when I decide to game heh.

So to conclude this post, here's the order I plan to complete these games in:

♪ #1: Final Fantasy XII
♪ #2: Super Mario Galaxy
♪ #3: Halo Reach
♪ #4: Assassin's Creed
♪ #5: Fable
♪ #6: New Super Mario Bros. Wii
♪ #7: Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

I bet some are thinking I should sort out my priorities haha! I have my reasons plus it's only a prediction (: Might do a post at the end of summer to see how I do~! In case anyone is wondering, I will go out and enjoy some summer sunshine....when it actually decides to come out. Summer seems like it's already finished in the UK ( ; _ ; )

Anyone else going to game their summer away :B ?


  1. I keep meaning to game more, but my mum yells at me whenever I play on anything! I still haven't even finished Pokémon Black =[ I'd wanted to play Tales of Symphonia too, but I won't get a chance to do that unfortunately *boo*

  2. Ahh yeah my mum told me the same too a few years ago saying how it's bad for my eyes! But now since she works most days and with nobody to fight for the TV, I can happily game in peace xD
    Oooo you're a fan of the "Tales of" series?? I haven't played on them but my brother tells me they're good :D


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