Monday, 25 July 2011

Ordering stuff from YESSTYLE

YES YES . . .YESSTYLE!! I FINALLY passed my driving test so to reward myself, I've decided to spend the money which I would've spent on more driving lessons on stuff from LOL. I don't shop on YESSTYLE often since I find shipping expensive but since my Brother was already planning to order and ask me if I wanted to too, shipping ended up being free so woop!


Here's what I ordered ( ^_^ ) :

♪ #1: Beige Blazer . . . I need a coat to go with some of my new clothes. I've slowly been getting into beiges, creams, and browns which is pretty different from my usual preference of monochrome clothes :P

♪ #2: Bubble Shorts . . . I always wanted a pair of poofy shorts! Also, I lack bottoms that go with some of my new wardrobe (unfortunately, black doesn't go with everything) so I'm hoping these light coloured pair of shorts can help.

♪ #3: Red Bag . . . I've been searching for more grown up bags for quite some time. I'm a young-looking 19 year old who doesn't want to look so much like a kid anymore!! Instead of heavily printed canvas bags I now want something a bit more sophisticated :)

[Just a note: Pictures were taken from]

Might put links later if people are interested but right now, I honestly can't be bother ( ^_^" )

Expect a YESSTYLE review in the future ;D

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  1. What a gorgeous bag!!! :) I always look for "grown up" bags myself :)


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