Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Catching up with Technology

Oh yes, I've final bought myself a laptop. I literally just received this in the post two hours ago. I am now very poor but happy at the same time: I've got my very first laptop EVER.


Mmmmm red. I haven't peeled the plastic off yet. I want to get a sleeve/case first; I've seen this red Hello Kitty one that would match :D I've been putting off getting a laptop for quite a while since I didn't really need on as we have a desktop at home already. However I'm going to uni in less than a month so kinda needed to get one ASAP (^_^" )

Red inside too! So sleek, so sexy ;D Don't know if you can tell but my laptop is a HP Pavilion. I decided to do the lame thing of naming my laptop so I named my laptop "Pavlo" after the model; but then I changed it to "Pablo" because "Pavlo" sounded too much like a dessert. In my opinion "Pablo" is a sexier name anyway, just like my laptop heh. My boyfriend's already taking the pee out of my name choice  (=.=" ) I thing he's just jealous ha!


When did you get your first laptop? And does it have a name haha XD ?


  1. Such a cute laptop! My current one is a HP too, it's pretty good (and all their laptop designs seem to be on the girlier side!!).

    Hmm I don't remember my first laptop really, it was a shared family one. My first one that was exclusively mine I got for going to uni too, I think I got it after my AS results! It was cute and pink, and I literally only replaced it recently.

    I'd never though of naming a laptop! Maybe I should name mine too xP

  2. Ooo really?? I remember seeing your laptop on your blog and loving the pattern on it.
    HP designs ftw!

    Do it! Name your laptop XD


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