Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I can't sleep *sad face*

Ugh why did I nap :'D I didn't want to leave my room (eventhough I've ended up coming downstairs to blog) so I decided to get my creative juice flowing and did some drawing :)

Taa-daa~! Yeep it's nowhere near finished. My pencils went blunt and I couldn't be bothered to go search for a sharpener or more pencils ( =w=" ) This was drawn using HB and B grade pencils plus a not-so-good rubber (aka an eraser for the non-Brits out there). I'd say I spent roughly 1.5 hours on it.  Because I didn't scan this, was drawing whilst laying down and having not drawn for in while . . . it's might look kind of skewed ( ^_^" )

Despite all this can you guess who this girl is??
I'll reveal the answer when I've finish reworking and shading the drawing (:


This post is a little on the short side so I figured I'd talk a little about music since I don't think I've ever mentioned it on this blog. Listening to music helps me concentrate so here are the last ten songs I listened to on my iPod whilst I drew:

♪ #10: 
Tetris - Plastic Tree
♪ #9 : Chizuru - the GazettE
 #8 : Koi no Megalover - MAXIMUM THE HORMONE
♪ #7 : Like a G6 - Far East Movement
♪ #6 : We Are Always Searching - I Am Ghost 
♪ #5 : Karma - Bump of Chicken
♪ #4 : River Below - Billy Talent
♪ #3 : ET - Katy Perry
♪ #2 [Goku] - Girugamesh
♪ #1 : Beautiful Dirt - Dir en grey

Sorry if you think my music taste suck lolol. 
My iPod was on shuffle by the way :P I'm quite happy with the list and don't think I actually skipped any of the song. After all, the songs are on my iPod because I like them so I have no shame >:D The list could've been longer but it would take too long to type, plus it could also make my music taste look worse . . . but then again it could make it look good too xD


Maybe I'll start doing that thing where you post the song you're listening to whilst blogging.
For me it's currently "H.A.N.A.B.I." by Alice Nine :P

I better get some sleep so bye for nao~!

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