Sunday, 7 August 2011

OFOTD: Alterations

Ahhh I have been gaming quite a bit like I predicted in my last entry so sorry about the slight delay in posting. Asides from playing on FFXII, Castle Crashers and Super Mario Galaxy I have been sewing every now and again during the past week and a bit :) This leads me onto my outfit of the day:

I *heart* HK top and black denim shorts. Yep this outfit is pretty simple since I didn't go out today. Both of these were altered and I just finished the shorts today :D . I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. Please ignore my bad tan line on my legs (any cures ( >_< ) ? )


Anyway moving on just a little, here's a photo for this outfit before I altered it . . .

Small person + oversized clothes = makes the person even smaller ( TT o TT ) I think I prefer the altered version hahaa.


I'm afraid that's all I have to say for today. However I did get my YESSTYLE order a few days ago so I'm going to start working on a post on that after publishing this one :3

Stay tuned ( ^_^ )


  1. Woww so different.
    I like how you altered it.(:
    Looks more flattering.


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