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FFXIII game onto because we received it on the same day as the YESSTYLE order, plus to cover up our address :P

Let's get reviewing!


The things I ordered. All individually packed.

My brother's order. I'm not going to be reviewing his stuff but I took a photo so why not include it hehee. He did say he was satisfied with the stuff though.


So was I as happy with my order as my brother? I'm afraid not ( ^_^" ) I've heard in the past that YESSTYLE can be a bit hit and miss. All my previous orders were fine but unfortunately I've been proven wrong and this order has been a slight miss. All the items did look like the stock photos at first glances which is great! However, it's when you look at the items in detail where it starts to get disappointing. Because of this I've only taken close ups for this review. I did not bother with taking full shots of my items since like I mentioned, they looked good and like the stock photos so I didn't see the point. For full shots of my the thing I ordered, feel free to [click here] for my previous YEESTYLE post with all the stock photos. 

Now, without any further ado let's start reviewing the items!


♪ #1: Beige Blazer (by Catworld)

The first thing I notices what how thin the blazer was. Some may consider this as "bad quality" but I wasn't to bothered about this since I wanted a thin jacket for the summer. I actually liked the fact that it was thinner than expected lol. So I tried it on and the fit was perfect. It was only until I took it of I started to see the "bad" things with this blazer...

My button fell off D: ! You might not be able to tell from this photo but the way the button was sewn was BAD! Thread was basically knotted, sewn through the fabric of the blazer, button was threaded through the thread, thread sewn back through the blazer again and then knotted off. In no way is this secure in my opinion.

Here's a better photo to show what I mean. The thread should be "looped" a few times if you get me. Basically, this is an example of how NOT to sew a button! After seeing that the replacement button was sewn like this as well as the front button, I checked the other buttons to find that all of them were sewn in this way ( >_< ) That's 7 buttons which I had to re-sew. What if people don't know how to sew?? I know it's only buttons but to think that for the price I paid (about £15 I think), I could have a jacket with buttons which are sewn on properly from another store. Ok, I've ranted quite a lot about the buttons of this blazer, surely it can't get worse can it?? Well, too bad it can . . .

The buttons are sewn facing in every direction. See how only one of these buttons on the back of blazer points up and the other's pointing down. I know chose to re-sew every button but seriously, there is a real lack of attention to detail :\

♪ #2: Bubble Shorts (by Catworld)

After the disappointment with my blazer which was also by Catworld, my mind was already telling me "there's going to be something wrong with these shorts". Luckily there wasn't! Despite having elasticated...cuffs? on the shorts, the fit was a little tight on my flabby thighs. I don't know if these shorts suggesting I need to get toned is a good or bad thing haahaa. In the stock photo the shorts showed a belt included which I wasn't expecting to get so naturally I was very happy to see it included. This happiness faded a little with I saw this:

A staple to hold things together?! Also, what looks like masking tape to prevent the braid from falling apart?? I know this belt came free with shorts, but even at Primark, where I can get shorts for cheaper that also come with belts, the belts there are at a higher quality!! And Primark's quality can get pretty low! Sigh...oh well, let's move on :P

♪ #3: Red Bag (by PG Beauty?? YESSTYLE's site is down so I'll check later ^^" )

The final item of my order. My first though was "wow my bag is so flat" from all the compressing heh. After taking it out from the plastic packaging the next thing I notices was that the bag felt kind of cheap. Luckily I think this was again due to the compressing plus lack of air After roughing it up a bit and stuffing the bag it's starting to feel less stiff and cheap. I love how the red is very similar to the stock photo as I was scared of it being too red or too muted it was a brown in real life. I really do like this bad but there are two little things that bug me a little...

The first thing was attaching the leather strap into this stud. The hole was so small I had to really use some force to attach it XD

Leather attached to the stud. Just a photo to show that it is possible ;D I guess this isn't really an issue anymore so woo!

The second and last is the handle. See how the braided detail is sewn on badly it kind of pops out to creates a "second handle" on the handle. This is another example of little attention to detail. I don't plan to hold it using the handle since I like to wear my bags over my shoulder so I don't think it'd annoy me too much. I know this may just be my bag but what if some else got this bag and wants to hold the handle??


So that's the end of my review. To summarize things, in my opinion YESSTYLE is a great place for purchasing some pretty unique fashion pieces, especially if you some one like me who's worse fear is to clash with someone else hahaa! Unfortunately, this uniqueness does come with a price which isn't always worth it. For the same price you could probably get something that's of a better quality on the high street. It probably depends on the brand so if so, I wouldn't recommend "Catworld". I haven't mentioned it yet since I focused mainly on the quality of my items but shipping is OK when we're talking about speed. I wasn't really anticipating on getting my order so I didn't care so much. I can tell you though that it took 10 days to get to the UK so you can judge on that. Price-wise, shipping is ridiculous if you're only planning to get one of two items. Even if you do qualify for free shipping you would have already spent loads. Either way, you'd be spending a lot :'D

So will I order from YESSTYLE again?? It's too expensive so I don't see it happening anytime soon. Plus after all this lack of quality I'm a bit skeptical...


So what are your thoughts on YESSTYLE??


  1. What a disappointment :( I've ordered from Yesstyle once before, and the items were okay, I just ordered in a HUGE size, so that was my fault. :P Did I mention I ordered stuff for my BOYFRIEND? XD Maybe men's items are fine ^^; I don't think I'll ever order from Yesstyle again though since I'm so obsessed with G-Market XD A few years ago I always wanted to order from Yesstyle but just never got around to it besides my boyfriend's Christmas order, and he never wears the stuff I bought him. Plus they were EXPENSIVE o_o; I suggest G-Market! HAHA no shame in advertising G-Market, I love it SOOO much XDD;

    OHH Final Fantasy! :D The graphics are SO breathtaking @__@ I only watched my boyfriend play it a little though boo~ I hope you guys will enjoy it :) My boyfriend was complaining about it, but I forgot why lol

  2. Omg I've been wanting to play FFXIII too! Hope estheim aweee...he's so friggin' cute! <3

  3. @ Katie: Mmm maybe. My brother seems to love YESSTYLE :L I might try G-Market some day when I'm not so broke XD It looks so confusing though which is why I shy away from it @_@

    Ahh FF is like my favourite games series 8D Hmm maybe because FFXIII doesn't have the normal prelude and victory fanfare ^^" That kinda bugged me too lol but I guess the a-maze-ing graphic makes up for it ^___^

    @ Lina Kim: I haven't really played on it yet either x'D It's my brother's so he's hogging it atm :L


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