Thursday, 8 September 2011

Beauty Haul: Summer Holiday Obsessions

My summer holiday is nearly over (uni soon yay!) and I've notices that in terms of cosmetics I've developed a slight interest in lip products:

Products list:

♪ Lipcote (Lipstick Sealer)
♪ Sleek Pout Paints (Pin Up, Milkshake, Peachy Keen, Lava)
♪ Eye Mineral Lipstick (Natural Nymph)

Ignoring lip balms, I started summer with not a lot of lip products. I could count them all on one hand! Now I feel like I have loads; especially with the Sleek Pout Paints since I can mix them into so many different colours!! I don't even wear colour on my lips that much but maybe that will change :P


Lashes by "iPD" I think ( . _ . ) ? Anyway my second obsession: fake eyelashes! I've owned one pair in the past (I did a post on them [here] ) but wanted to try them again yet I didn't really have the opportunity to; I don't want to wear them on during the daylight lol. Anyways I bought these when my friends and I were all finally free on the same day to got clubbing (we're actually going today :D ) I can't wait to try then huhuu~

I'm not sure if you can tell but the packaging is WEAK! Can you see the dents? For around £5 I got 10 pairs of different styled lashes...oh how cheap and cheerful ( ^__^ ) As you can see I got duplicates of some designs. If I ever do a giveaway I may throw some lashes in *hint hint wink wink* ;D


So to summarize things, over the summer my interest in lip products and false lashes have increases. By the way the Paris photos will come eventually...I've just happened to forget where I last put my iPod *facepalm* If you have anything in particular you'd like me to review from this post (or my blog) feel free to say so :)


  1. Great Haul! Sooo many laaashes! o____o

  2. Natural Nymph looks so pretty! Love all the lashes too, great haul :D

  3. That pout paint is amaazing! Great post :). Looking forward to seeing more! xx

  4. awee I love the shade of natural nymph. it reminds me a lot to NYX pumpkin pie =D

  5. nice review, loving the eyelashes (: !!

    CMPang x


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