Saturday, 12 November 2011

Package Haul

Long time no blog, so let's get cracking! I'll allow the photos to do most of the explaining :)

New lenses: Neo Cosmo Glamour Blue

Skin79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream

These two items were ordered from But maaaaan, they really like to pack in the freebies (which I'm not complaining about hehee)

What I received. The bb cream, lenses (they're in the box) PLUS two hair velcros, a pair of eye masks and a ring!


I also won a contest about a month ago which was hosted by Georgie who I'd like to thank :D

Prizes woo~! I can't wait to try out the stuff! Once again a BIG thank you to Georgie ( n__n )


Well that's all I have to say for now. All I've really been doing nowadays is socializing and doing my course. Being the poor student I've become I don't really do any form of shopping apart from grocery and sometimes fancy dress for parties. I'm afraid I won't be doing hauls anytime soon :\ Unless I decide to do a food haul haha~!

Catch you guys soon hopefully :3


  1. WELCOME BACK!!! <333

    Oh I'm so looking forward to your circle lens review!! Don't make us wait too long! ^wwwww^

    Have you tried the bb cream yet? I have it, but it's sadly just SO freaking light on me. The coverage is pretty amazing though, I just wish it was a little darker -sigh-

    OMG GEORGIE!! Congrats!! I didn't know you won her giveaway :D I knew her from an old forum we used to frequent, such a sweetheart, congrats!! :DD Oh I've tried that Vitamin mask too, and loved it so much! I hope you do too ^___^

    BLOG MORE! Miss you~ <3

  2. Katie ^___^

    Yes I have but it's been a while so I can't quite remember! I do remember it being to too light so I stopped using it. I was still tanned from the summer so I may give it another shot :3

    Ooo asiajam right :D I miss that site :')

    And yes Ma'am! I'll try to blog more >:3


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