Friday, 23 December 2011

NOTD: I Made It (Tutorial)

With Christmas coming I wanted to paint my nails a festival colour . . .

Instead of the average red I decided to go for gold. And you know what? I made that colour *proud*. Unfortunately left my box of polishes in university, so I took this opportunity to make some colours I do not own. I learnt how to make your own nail polishes from reading a girls magazine many years ago and I'm gonna show you how in this post!

Click read more for the tutorial (:

What I used:

~ Some Eyeshadow
~ A Pair of Scissors
~ Clear Nail Polish
~ A Needle
~ An envelop

You'll probably have most of these things at home. With it being Christmas time, you can save the envelops from the card you received ;D ! This a great way to use an eyeshadow that you don't want to wear anymore without binning it. Enough rambling, let's start the tutorial ( ^_^ )

Step #1

Cut a corner of the envelop off. This is going to be our funnel to put the eyeshadow into the polish. You can skip this step and the next if you already have a small enough funnel.

Step #2

Snip a small section of the corner off. Don't make it too big! It needs to be able to fit into the nail polish's bottle. You're makeshift funnel is now complete!

Step #3

Start crushing the eyeshadow you want to be your new nail colour with the needle. If you don't have a needle, alternative things you could use are pins or toothpicks.

Step #4

Open the nail polish and put the funnel you made in it (you'll probably have to hold it to prevent it from falling). Tip the eyeshadow into the funnel and poke it with the needle (carefully so you don't pierce the funnel) to help it go into the bottle.

Step #5


The eyeshadow will need shake it baby!


Much better c:

Step #6

Test the polish on a scrap piece of paper (or the envelop you cut from!) to see if you like it and if it's opaque enough. Add more eyeshadow until you are happy with the pigmentation and your basically done~!

Anyone remember the second palette from a junk post hehee? Anyway, you can even mix eyeshadows together to experiment and create a more unique colour for your nail polish!

The final product! You can get your polish really pigmented; this is just one thin coat of mine and you can barely see the whites of my nails!! However, the more pigments/eyeshadow you add, the more mattified the polish will become. Luckily there's always top coats to help to you get the shine back :)

Two coats of my polish; you can't see the white of the nails at all now! One final note: see the mess in the background? Eyeshadows can get messy so make sure you work on an easy to clean surface or cover the surface before you begin.

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Blog to you soon ( n_n )


  1. OMG what a cute idea!!! It will save a lot of time and money (and stress?) on searching endlessly for that perfect color when you can just make it at home <3 I LOVE gold, so I LOOOVE the color you made! It actually reminds me of my ZOYA polish :OOO I actually really love the fact that you can make your own matte polish o_o Why spend like $6-$7 for one when you can make one from $1 of clear polish? XD I'm gonna run out and buy a bunch of Wet n Wild clear polishes! My favorite brand looool. Thank you for this post!!! <3

  2. Wow that's a really good idea! I will try it (^^)!


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