Thursday, 29 December 2011

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara Review

I currently don't have anything at home that can take off my Maybelline Falsies mascara (in waterproof) without making me look like a panda. Because of this, I decided to go out and buy a non-waterproof one. Instead of picking up a non-waterproof version of my HG mascara I ended up with this:

Rimmel Lash Accelrator: Mascara with/avec grow-lash complex. My curiosity makes me wanted to try new things hehee. I picked this up at Savers for only £5; that's I about £4 cheaper than it's average price :D :D :D


I got it in "003 Extreme Black", just beacuse, well, I like my mascara as black as black can get.

It claims to be a lengthening mascara. For those who expect volume, this is probably a mascara you don't need to try ASAP.

Here is the brush. It's skinny which is great to get to those lashes in the corners. The formula is wet but not too much that it takes forever to dry when applied onto your lashes.

No mascara (left) versus mascara (right). Not too bad right?? I was mainly looking for a non-waterproof mascara...not really asking for much. This one gives more length (espcially in the bottom lashes), my lashes are more defined and HOLDS MY CURLS ASWELL! I was prepared to do the whole mascara then re-curl thing but nope, there's no need! I really do hate mascaras that uncurls my Asian lashes so thank you so much Rimmel for making my day *smiles*. HOWEVER, this mascara does have a catch when it comes to curls...

Lash Accelerator versus Lash Accelerator. Saaaay whaaaaaaat?! I don't know about you but I prefer the right eye more; the lashes are more curled which opens up my eye more. The one major-ish thing about the this mascara which I don't like is that it needs to be applied in a certain way. With the left eye, the mascara was applied to my top lashes first and then the bottom. The right eye was done oppositely; bottom lashes and then top. If you find that this mascara doesn't hold curls well, I recommend trying the applying to bottom then top method. If you don't like wearing mascara on your bottom lashes, try wiping a bit of the mascara off the brush or leave the wand out for a minute to allow the formula to dry a bit then apply. I have a feeling the de-curl may be due to the initial wetness of the mascara but I can't promise you I'm right ( ^_^" ) Let me know if you find a method that makes this mascara work better.


So the final question: would I recommend and/or repurchase this? At the moment, I'm pretty neutral but slightly leaning more to the "no" side. I've only had this mascara for a week and a bit and I haven't been wearing it everyday. I wasn't exactly blown away by it but then to be fair I wasn't exactly looking for an amazing mascara. It did do what I was hoping it to do: be easy to remove, give some definition and maybe hold my curls. The fact I got this mascara for only a fiver does affect my opinion a bit; if I paid the full price I'd probably be disappointed as I feel this mascara needs a bit too much effort to make it work. If you do want you try out this mascara and you have straight Asian lashes like me, I strongly recommend buying this mascara when it's on discount. I'm going to continue using this mascara for a little long to see if the main selling point of this mascara (which seems to be lash growth) is it true. Maybe my opinions on the mascara will change . . .

Hope this review helps (:

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  1. Thanks for the review, it looks good ^^)/ I might try this out because I suffer from straight-asian-eyelashes too TwT


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