Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Big December Haul

Hey guys! I know I'm slightly late but HAPPY NEW YEAR *throw confetti* \( ^o^)/ woohoo~!

Getting back on topic, let's haul! With Christmas, massive sales and my birthday all being in December, this is usually the time of the year when I suddenly gain a lot more things in my possession ( =w=" ) huhuu~

Starting with some pre-sale/pre-christmas items. I hadn't properly shopped whilst I was in uni and I was getting withdrawal symptoms from it xD These comfy heels were from New Look and I think for £30. It was out of my usual price range but I wanted a treat and I couldn't wait for the sales!

Bag also a pre-xmas purchase from New Look but it was on sale for £6. I needed a new small bag because I had broke my previous one *sad face*. Moving on to the gifts, the scarf is from my boyfriend and his family.

Boyfriend's "relaxing gift" hehee. I am a hot chocolate addict! I've only worn the cable knit slipper socks so far and they are mega cute. The photo doesn't do them justice!!

Nail polish from my boyfriend again. The makeup set is a birthday present from his family :D

Inside the make up set. I think I'm gonna do some experimenting in the holidays fufuu~

More beauty stuff from the family :3

Touch of Pink by Lacoste from my boyfriend and his family again. I looooove the scent!

The last of the gifts from my boyfriend; the "random" things. I needed a mouse so he got me one lolol. The white tshirt is an inside joke xD The purple thing is a cosy blanket. I'm always complaining how cold it is in uni ( ^_^" )

Gift from my friends :3 A sketchbook perfect for my uni work and a super adorable mini top hat!

Trench coat from my younger brother :)

Now for the Chrsitmas sales part of this post! My parents and relatives don't really do Christmas and birthday presents anymore so I got some money instead. I used quite a bit of it on retail therapy xD These two knitter jumpers were from Apricot for £12 each.

Denim purchases from New Look. The jacket was a steal for £7. The jeans were £10 each...original price! I'm short and have to wear kids sizes ( TTwTT )

River Island hoodie for a tenner!

It gets better! Sheer cotton shirt for ONLY £5. This was from H+M. Though, a button is missing...but meh...I can sew on the spare xP

The the best bargain of them all, these boots from New Look (yes half my wardrobe is New Look). This were £28 but originally £70 ( >w< )

I spent nearly £100 in total during the sales...shopping makes me so happy :'D I don't think I'll be buying this much stuff in a very long time.

Oh and there is one final thing in this haul. The star of all the things I bought . . .


My brother actually offered to pay since he didn't get my a birthday present. I've wondered for quite some time if I should get a curling iron; I'm so bad at curling with my straightener. I'd look into them but then think "nah I just need to practice more with my straighteners". I can curl hair on other people, just not myself. These were only £11 (from TK Maxx lawl), had Hello Kitty on them, plus my brother offered to get them for me. It'd be crazy if I didn't get them!

It's so beautiful ( ; ____ ; )

I hope everyone got loads of nice presents for Christmas! What did you guys get?
Also, did anybody else go crazy on sales shopping like me xD ?

Blog to you soon :D


  1. I also brought some clothes form &%M <3
    without doubts, shopping really makes us so happy and forget all the vexation~~ :)

  2. Wow the hat is really pretty! : D The curling iron is amazing! KITTY!

  3. Wow you got so much stuff~! I love all the clothes and especially the HK tong~ *w*

  4. Oh, I love your trench coat (very Capuccino girl-y :) and grey knitted sweater...

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  6. wow that hello kitty curly tong is really cute :3



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