Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream Review

Some of you guys may know that I'm trying to review all the foundations and BB creams I own at the moment. I was going to review in the order of how I swatched things but I though I'd alternate between foundation and BB cream for a bit of variation and just because I can :3

Today's review: The famous Missha Perfect Cover in No. 21

My skin before BB cream is applied. Bleh.

After a thin layer of BB cream.

I look like I'm half dead! Didn't blend on the nose so you can really see colour difference xD

BB creams usually oxides to a darker colour so here's a shot about 30-45 minutes later (with the nose blended). The sun was setting so my camera didn't pick it up as well but I still found the colour way too light for me.

I've worn this during summer before. Who knows what I was thinking, the colour is nowhere near my skintone even when I'm at my palest! Anyway, this was my first BB cream I ever bought. I opted for this one because I read that it was supposed to have awesome natural coverage and a lot of people was raving about it at the time. You know when you get a new product and you try so hard to like it because everyone likes is? This was one of mine ( ^^" )


~ Doesn't need a lot to get enough coverage
~ High high hiiiigh SPF of 42
~ Easy squeezy tube packaging
~ I quite like the smell hehee
~ More that one shade to chose from


~ Too pale for me (but that's my fault for not picking another shade)
~ Very bad oil control
~ It breaks me out
~ Looks a hot mess at the end of the day
~ Gets streaky no matter what brush you use
~ Not available where I live (which is the UK)

This BB cream unfortunately just didn't work for me :( I would stop using it coz it made my pimples get worse and then I'd try again and again but it'd break me out. I've finally grown out of my bad pimple phrase but STILL this BB cream managed to give me spots within one day of wearing it. Also, maybe because I've tried better things since I first used this BB cream but as soon as I put it on, I wanted to take it off straight away!! However for the sake of reviewing, I carried on wearing it. It looked horrible after about 2 hours. Thanks goodness I test on days I'm not going out!

So would I recommend this BB cream. Afraid not Missha :\ I probably should have binned this a long time ago. Didn't like it then and I don't like it now...

Next review will be a foundation!
Blog to you soon :)


  1. Thanks for the review! It sounds like it's not very good with spots >_<

    1. Unfortunately! I think the reason I break out is because it makes my face oily (eventhough I've got dry skin atm...)
      It gets so oily and it just slips and slides on my face :(

  2. Replies
    1. Hope this works better for you than it did for me~!

  3. Hey I have this too and i thought it was really oily and I have dry skin. This is the only bbcream that caters for darker people so unfortunately I have to stick to it.

  4. I've been wondering if this is any good - thanks for the great review!! Too bad it wasn't great :(

  5. I am not big fan of this BB cream either :( However, there is another MISSHA BB cream - M Signature Real Complete that I found almost perfect! It's quite expensive though :(
    Review here =>

  6. i've been wanting to purchase this for a while now :)
    you have a lovely blog, and great reviews
    now following you :D

    drop by sometime!

  7. we have the same experience,it didn't work for me too, this bb cream really nice in the morning but in the afternoon my face looks really mess :(( i use this bb cream just for 5 days :"(
    anyway your blog is great ^^ i just followed you ^^
    mind to visit my blog ^^
    thank you :3


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