Sunday, 15 January 2012

Snippets of 2011

[I know it's a little late to do this post but I'm going to do it anyway :P ]

Just a photo spam post to show you guys a bit of what goes on in my life. I am one of those people that love taking pictures on my phone. Most of them are quite random but to me they're fun memories. I started this blog so I can "take pictures of things in my life and blog about them" yet I haven't really been doing that; I realized that majority of my blog is haul/beauty related haha~! Anyway I hope you enjoy this post :)

Pizza. Was tasty but I wasn't a fan of the rockets :\

Being silly with a gummy sweet moustache

I broke a half!

Yummy chocolate cake

Me and my boyfriend :)

Cute ducklings *quack*

Decoden'ing...I still haven't finished this ( . _ . )

Keeping voodoo dolls when safe in the car

A bit of beauty related stuff. Photo of a Shoppingholics package which I forgot to uploaded

My first laptop

Eiffel Tower. I finally got around to uploading more photos from my Paris trip


At night.

Dinseyland in the day

Disneyland in the night

Disney fries.

Wall-e and Evaaaaaa~

Fast track ticket given to us by two kind girls we didn't know ( ^__^ )

Le Louvre

Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel

Wonky hotel glasses

Yummy macaroons

What my friend and I get up to when shopping

My uni sells Asian snacks...which I can't afford when I'm there ( ; w ; )

Train station at 8:10am

Sunseting at another train station

Mint chocolate chip ice cream near the beach

I have a thing for sunsets <3

Mini cute!

Me and my brother playing GT5. Fans will see that we are doing something impossible haha

Evidence that I do cook in university

Just uni life and when planking was the thing


Nando~! I'm not very good with spicy food but I've finally upped my tolerance to a "medium"

Apparently when you work in Subway you are a "Sandwich Artist" :D

Another evidence of my cooking in uni

An exhibition my course took a trip too. I've always liked Magritte's work :)

A mini blouse I made in pattern cutting and manufacturing class

Something I made in print class. I like the glowing effect :3

Bottomless Nandos frogurt. MmmmmMmmmm!!

DYNAMO!! This was actually my friend's...I didn't get a chance to get his signature so I had to make do with a photo :'D

I like taking food photos :D

How was your 2011??


I'm going back to university tomorrow so I'm afraid I probably won't be posting reviews and hauls as often as I have in the past few weeks...but if I find the time I'll try (:

Would you like to see some more lifestyle posts in the future?
Blog to you soon...hopefully ( ^_^ )


  1. Gummy moustache! Lol! Everything is so cute ^ ^ Lifestyle posts are fun to see!

    1. Hehee thanks and glad you enjoyed this post :D

  2. Omg the gummy moustache is too cute!! So nice that you got to go to Paris! Must have been fun :) I love all your food pics!

    1. Yeah Paris was really fun! And thanks :)

  3. Lovely pictures! Good luck with uni, anticipating your future posts (yes, new reader here :P)

    1. Thanks for the luck! I need it haha~! And yay a new reader :D

  4. Ooh, sheesh...Jealous of your photography abilities:P I've been practicing alot lately but photos of stuffed animals from around the house is no where as neat as photos of Paris >_< Great blog!

    1. I wouldn't say I'm that skillful but thanks xD

  5. I love all your pictures, and that voodoo dolls is sooo cuuuteeee xD

    1. Thanks xD I have A LOT more than I do in that photo haha!

  6. Your 2011 seems so interesting. I still haven't visited any disneylands yet. :( They seem so magical!

    I also love your pictures! :3

    1. Thank you~!
      Awww you should visit some day! It is truly magical! I felt like such a kid when I went :L

  7. Ahaha , I like the one where it said a sumbway worker is a sandwich artist . Fawnnnieee :3

    1. Hahaa my friend was actually looking for a part time job at the time and we were like won't it be so cool to tell people your job was a "sandwich artist" :L


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